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Chapter 10C-3 Disorders Test

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  1. What are the three primary methods of treating cancer?
  2. What is gerontology>
  3. What are inherited disorders?
  4. What are some things that are different about cancer cells?
  5. Two major organic disorders are...
  1. a direct result of an inherited gene or inherited tendency for a disorder
  2. b they have large nuclei that carries more DNA than a normal cell. bizarre appearance and abnormal numbers of chromosomes.
  3. c the science of aging
  4. d surgery, radiation, chemotherapy
  5. e Benign tumors and Cancer

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  1. Inherited Disorders
    Organic disorders
  2. -attributed to waste accumulation in the cells - lipofuscin
    -aging programmed into body genetically
    -aging and the length of telomeres the ends of chromosomes
  3. -a deficiency disease that results from improper nourishment such as a lack of vitamins
    -Chemical poisoning or radiation sickness due to exposure to environment.
    -other disorders such as gallstones, kidney stones, nervous disorders only partially understood,
  4. heartbeat and breathing
  5. initiation and promotion

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  1. What does metatasize mean?when a cancer cell separates from the parent tumor and travels to other parts of the body


  2. What are benign tumors?physical damage to the body- temporary or permanent


  3. What do we call a tumor whose growth is extremely rapid and chaotic?surgery, radiation, chemotherapy


  4. What are three ways initiation occurs?carcinogenic chemicals


  5. What does radiation uses?Xrays- radioactive isotopes to destroy cancer cells that are localized


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