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  1. interpersonal Apprehension
  2. Self awareness
  3. Primacy Effect
  4. Johari Window
  5. High level of self awareness
  1. a fears ,anxiety or nervousness to communicate
  2. b will enable you to control your thoughts and behaviors and capitialize on your strengths and correct weakness
  3. c yourself, your phyiscal self ,personality, thoughts ,feelings , behaviors
  4. d what happened first has the most impact
  5. e used to examining what you know and don't know about yourself

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  1. reveal and share to enlarge your open self, make connections, get feedback and gain insight
  2. organizated by rules, schemata,scripts
  3. interpretations- evaluations are stored for future retrieval
  4. mental templates that help you organize info into recognizable stereotypes
  5. access the info stored in you memory

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  1. Perceptionyou interpret and elvaulate that which you perceive


  2. Implicit personality theoryeach person has a subconscious or implicit system of rules


  3. Empowering Apprensivesdon't overprotect,demonstrate understaning, avoid making shy peoplethe center of attentsion


  4. Culture & Apprehensioncommunicating with other cultures often increases uncertainty, fear, and anxiety


  5. Evaluationyou interpret and elvaulate that which you perceive


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