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  1. Comment est-ce que tu vas au stade?
  2. une piscine
  3. l'hôtel
  4. le magasin de chaussures
  5. ils
  1. a How are you going to the stadium?
  2. b the shoe store
  3. c the hotel
  4. d a swimming pool
  5. e they (masculine)

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  1. a pastry store
  2. the bakery
  3. you (pl) come
  4. to the left
  5. a jewelry store

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  1. Il/Elle va chez Mimi.He/She is going to Mimi's place.


  2. un fleuristea flower shop


  3. Pour nagerfar from


  4. à l'estto the east


  5. dans une grande villein a pretty neighborhood


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