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  1. une pharmacie
  2. elle va
  3. derrière
  4. du côté de
  5. au coin de
  1. a she is going
  2. b a pharmacy
  3. c on the side of, over by
  4. d behind
  5. e at the corner of

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  1. How are you going to the stadium?
  2. by taxi
  3. butcher's shop
  4. the toy store
  5. a stadium

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  1. un lycéea lake


  2. suivezgo along, walk alongside


  3. à + la = à la (use before fem. nouns)On my street, there is a post office.


  4. Je vais au cinéma.I am going to the cinema


  5. Allez tout droitContinue straight ahead


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