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  1. une boutique
  2. un magasin
  3. tournez
  4. un commissariat de police
  5. le café
  1. a turn
  2. b the cafe, coffee shop
  3. c a store
  4. d a shop
  5. e a police station

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  1. one comes
  2. No, it's near. It's on the left.
  3. at the place of someone, someone's house
  4. we are going
  5. across from, facing

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  1. tu vashe is going


  2. Non, je vais à la piscine.No, I am going to the swimming pool.


  3. l'hôtelthe school


  4. la bibliothèquethe library


  5. Dans mon quartier, il y a un lycée.on Inca Street


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