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  1. Cells take-up, use and/or store _______.
  2. Approx 4hrs post meal

    - NUTRIENTS in blood come (directly) from GUT.
    - Glucose = primary energy souce
    - Amino acids, fats, and excess sugars stored (in liver, fat cells, muscle)
  3. Insulin controls the transporter level in ALL TISSUES EXCEPT the _____.
  4. _______ induces liver to release _______ into blood to feed the brain.
  5. Carbohydrate = 4.5 KCal/gm 36 ATP/ glucose (6carbon)
    Lipid = 9.4 KCal/gm 46 ATP/ 6-carbon
    Protein = 4.5 KCal/gm ~36 ATP/ 6-carbon AA
  6. Falling blood glucose (e.g. post-absorptive) induces _______ production by pancreas

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  1. liverCells take-up, use and/or store _______.


  2. Glycolysis1) Glucose converted into two PYRUVATE
    2) ATP yield EXCEEDS ATP use
    3) Lactic acid produced and NAD recycled in anaerobic glycolysis


  3. pancreasThe Absorptive phase increase in blood glucose induces Insulin production by the _______.


  4. Beta-Oxidation of lipidInclude the absorptive phase and post-absorptive phase.


  5. Electron Transport Chain1) Extracts electron energy
    2) Produces ATP
    3) Uses molecular O2, and yields water


  6. Post-Absorptive PhaseIn this phase:

    - NUTRIENTS in blood come from INTERNAL STORES
    - Fats = primary energy source
    - Remaining glucose reserves spared for use by brain


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