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  1. release
  2. dispute
  3. outrage
  4. helm
  1. a a strong difference of opinion; an argument
  2. b anything that causes resentment or anger; a wicked or brutal act or remark
  3. c to let go; to free
  4. d a position of control

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  1. to scorn and dislike strongly; to consider unworthy of respect.
  2. to treat in a way that takes away a person's pride or self respect.
  3. to make a hold through
  4. to shake with small, rapid movements; to tremble
  5. good wishes

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  1. arrestto seize and charge with breaking the law


  2. humiliationthe act of humiliating or the state of being humiliated


  3. capableto plead with or beg for with much feeling


  4. quiversilent from anger or hurt


  5. piercea position of control


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