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  1. quiver
  2. release
  3. congratulations
  4. helm
  5. sullen
  1. a good wishes
  2. b a case for holding arrows
  3. c to let go; to free
  4. d a position of control
  5. e silent from anger or hurt

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  1. to question the truth or value of
  2. anger caused by injury or insult.
  3. to make known
  4. to express pleasure for a person's success or good fortune
  5. able to do things well; skilled

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  1. despiseto question the truth or value of


  2. humiliateto treat in a way that takes away a person's pride or self respect.


  3. piercevery loud and shrill sound


  4. outrageanything that causes resentment or anger; a wicked or brutal act or remark


  5. disputea strong difference of opinion; an argument


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