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  1. satiate
  2. discursive
  3. corroborate
  4. denizen
  5. florid
  1. a passing aimlessly from one plase or subject to another, rambling, roving ,nomadic
  2. b to confirm, make more certain, bolster, substantitate, verify
  3. c highly colored, reddish; excessivly ornate, showy
  4. d to satisfy completely; to fill to excess; (adj) full, satisfied
  5. e and inhabitant, resident; one who frequents a place

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  1. awkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy
  2. deserving of blame or correction
  3. likely but not certin to happen, possible; dependent on uncertain events or conditions; happening by chance (noun) a representaive group forming part of a large body
  4. leaping jumping or springing forth; prominent, standing out, conspicious; (noun) a projection or bulge, a land form that projects upward or outward
  5. having sympathetic insight or understanding, capable of keen appreciation

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  1. abstemiousdeceptive, apparently good or valid but lacking real merit


  2. disseminateto satisfy completely; to fill to excess; (adj) full, satisfied


  3. searto mke or become dry and withered; to char or scorch the surface of; to harden or make unfeeling; to parch, dessicate, singe


  4. dowdyto impose by fraud; to pass off as worthy or genunine; to bring about by stealth, dishonesty or coercion


  5. papableawkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy


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