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  1. HBV and HCV
  2. bruising and other injuries
  3. is the insertion of a needle or cannula into a vein for the purpose of withdrawing blood
  4. they are eyepieces through which you view the image
  5. median cubital, basilica,cephalic vein
  1. a Veins commonly used for venipuncture include
  2. b the pathogens posing the greatest risk are?
  3. c Phlebotomy
  4. d Changes in skin condition often make the elderly more prone to
  5. e What do the Oculars do in the microscope?

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  1. HIV infection is diagnosed using?
  2. What is located on the arm of the microscope?
  3. Bloodborn pathogens can be introduced into a new host through several roughts, including?
  4. OSHA revised the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The additional provisions to the standard are(Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act)?
  5. what blood type contains neither A nor B antigen is

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  1. creation and enforcement of both general safety standards & standards for specific industries & operations.Hemophilia


  2. 8 and 15 yearswhich hepetitis is spread mainly threw fecal-oral route?


  3. it's a device for spinning a specimen at high speed until it separates into it's component partsWhat is a centrifuge?


  4. Establishing a chain of custodywhat is it called when a pt must sign consent form for the testing of drug and alchol


  5. The M.AWho is responisble for taking Inventory Control of equipment and supplies to ensure that the POL never runs out of them?


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