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  1. Do not tell the patient there results!!! you give it to the doctor
  2. protect the safety of employees in the workplace.
  3. move the body tube up & down to bring into focus the object being examined
  4. HBV and HCV
  5. HIV
  1. a What do the focus controls do?
  2. b the pathogens posing the greatest risk are?
  3. c What do you do when the test results come in?
  4. d what comes before AIDS?
  5. e What does OSHA for?

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  1. whole blood
  2. Whta does the growth cycle of pathogenic microogranisms require?
  3. in the event of an accident or exposure incident in the POL, OSHA regulations requre completion of an?
  4. What is a centrifuge?
  5. Kaposi's sarcoma

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  1. specific susbstances that can serve as transmission agents for bloodborne diseasesWhat has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) identified?


  2. waterplasma is nearly 90% of


  3. two, Course and fineother phlebotomists are trained to perform


  4. HBV and HCVwhich hepatitis spreads through contact with contaminated blood or body fluids,and through sexual contact


  5. is the most commonevacuation system


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