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  1. The M.A
  2. liquid in which othe components are suspended
  3. O
  4. below the oculars and mounted on the swivel bace called the nose.
  5. they are eyepieces through which you view the image
  1. a Where are the objectives located on the microscope?
  2. b Who is responisble for taking Inventory Control of equipment and supplies to ensure that the POL never runs out of them?
  3. c plasma
  4. d What do the Oculars do in the microscope?
  5. e what blood type contains neither A nor B antigen is

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  1. What do the objectives do?
  2. Whta does the growth cycle of pathogenic microogranisms require?
  3. Hemophilia
  4. evacuation system
  5. serum does not contain?

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  1. platform on which rests the specimen slideHow many focus controls are there and what are they called?


  2. complete blood cell countCBC


  3. two, Course and fineother phlebotomists are trained to perform


  4. protine involved in clottingfibrogen


  5. Health care facilities must maintain a detailed log of sharps injuries that are incurred from contamiinated sharps. other 2 are on page 16.OSHA revised the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The additional provisions to the standard are(Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act)?


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