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  1. What must be done to get rid of the plague that had infested Thebes?
  2. How many of Euripides' plays survived?
  3. How many plays of Sophocles' have survived?
  4. Chorus roll in comedies
  5. eccyclema
  1. a A link between the actors and the audience, not necessarily people. They could be animals or even clouds
  2. b 7
  3. c no violence on stage
  4. d about 18
  5. e The killer of the previous king had to be found

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  1. Hung herself
  2. covered the whole head, included hair, eyes and slightly open mouth. Exaggerated expression, one emotion, over-sized
  3. Remarkable plots with fantastic adventures
  4. Started as 50, shrank to 12 with Aeschylus then back up to 15 with Sophocles
  5. 1. In large theatres normal facial expressions could not be seen, 2. may have acted as a megaphone to amplify their voices.

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  1. The 3 tragedies Aeschylus wrote in 458 BC are known in total as what?Oresteia


  2. How many of Aeschylus' plays have survived?about 18


  3. What does the old blind seer tell Oedipus?The seer tells Oedipus he is the murderer of the previous Theban king


  4. What kind of comedy did Aristophanes write?Old Comedy


  5. How many times did Aeschylus win the City Dionysia?13


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