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  1. How many times did Aeschylus win the City Dionysia?
  2. How many times did Euripides win the City Dionysia?
  3. The 3 tragedies Aeschylus wrote in 458 BC are known in total as what?
  4. Chorus
  5. Describe the mask
  1. a Oresteia
  2. b 4-5
  3. c 13
  4. d covered the whole head, included hair, eyes and slightly open mouth. Exaggerated expression, one emotion, over-sized
  5. e 15 men who represented a group of ordinary people (such as citizens, women or elderly men)

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  1. The seer tells Oedipus he is the murderer of the previous Theban king
  2. The killer of the previous king had to be found
  3. 11
  4. Started as 50, shrank to 12 with Aeschylus then back up to 15 with Sophocles
  5. 70

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  1. The play Aristotle chose as an ideal example of Greek TragedyOld Comedy


  2. How many of Aeschylus' plays have survived?about 18


  3. How many plays did Sophocles write?120


  4. What does Iacosta do after she realizes what has happened?Hung herself


  5. How many plays of Sophocles' have survived?7


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