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  1. playwright
  2. eccyclema
  3. How did Oedipus become king of Thebes?
  4. How many of Aristophanes plays survived?
  5. What did Oedipus do after he discovered the truth?
  1. a no violence on stage
  2. b He defeated the Sphinx (answered the riddle correctly)
  3. c a person who writes plays
  4. d Blinds himself
  5. e 11

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  1. spectacular effects, serious dancing and exciting descriptions of battles
  2. 13
  3. An oracle told him he would kill his father and marry his mother
  4. Started as 50, shrank to 12 with Aeschylus then back up to 15 with Sophocles
  5. Aristophanes

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  1. How many plays did Aristophanes write?120


  2. What does Iacosta do after she realizes what has happened?Blinds himself


  3. Example of deux ex machina in Euripides MedeaHe defeated the Sphinx (answered the riddle correctly)


  4. What must be done to get rid of the plague that had infested Thebes?The killer of the previous king had to be found


  5. The play Aristotle chose as an ideal example of Greek TragedyOld Comedy


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