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  1. -face validity
    -sampling validity
  2. -accuracy
    -does it represent the true value of the attribute being measured?
    -validity of instrument compared with gold standard
  3. subjective judgment about measurements contained in the questionnaire are reasonable
  4. making sure interviewers administer the interview in the same way to all the subjects
  5. Instrument variability
    Observer variability
  6. -part of reliability assessment
    -intra (same data, dif time) or inter (same measurement, dif ppl/tool)

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  1. Content Validitythe degree to which the instrument measures what it is supposed to measure


  2. Construct Validitydoes the questionnaire represent what is being studied?


  3. validation of questionnaires includes achieving-Construct Validity
    -Content Validity
    -Criterion Validity


  4. intersame tool/observer
    different occasions


  5. Criterion Validity-how well does the questionnaire perform in relation to other already validated measures of the same entity?


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