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  1. According to Piaget, egocentrism refers to
    A) a sensorimotor need for self-stimulation, as evidenced in thumb sucking.
    B) young children's exaggerated interest in themselves and their own pleasure.
    C) the difficulty perceiving things from another person's point of view.
    D) the difficulty realizing that things continue to exist even when they are not visible
  2. At 1:00 A.M., Luis gets out of bed and begins to sleepwalk. An EEG of his brain activity is most likely to indicate the presence of
    A) alpha waves.
    B) sleep spindles.
    C) REM sleep.
    D) delta waves.
  3. Which specialty area would be most interested in identifying the cortical activation patterns associated with a person's perception of different objects?
    A) evolutionary psychology
    B) cognitive neuroscience
    C) behavior genetics
    D) behaviorism
  4. Infants develop a fear of strangers at about 8 months of age because they can't assimilate unfamiliar faces into their
    A) schemas.
    B) attachments.
    C) theory of mind.
    D) self-concept.
  5. The powerful survival impulse that leads infants to seek closeness to their caregivers is called
    A) attachment.
    B) habituation.
    C) assimilation.
    D) conservation.
  1. a A) attachment.
  2. b A) schemas
  3. c B) cognitive neuroscience
  4. d D) delta waves
  5. e C) the difficulty perceiving things from another person's point of view

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  1. D) Asperger syndrome
  2. D) male systemizing tendency.
  3. A) Stage 1
  4. D) all of these: extraversion, neuroticism, temperament
  5. B) dehydration

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  1. Assessing possible links between specific chromosome segments and alcohol dependence would be of greatest interest to a(n)
    A) evolutionary psychologist.
    B) molecular geneticist.
    C) behaviorist.
    D) social learning theoris
    B) molecular geneticist.


  2. DNA is a complex
    A) sex hormone.
    B) genome.
    C) molecule.
    D) synapse.
    C) molecule


  3. Soon after taking a psychoactive drug, Zachary experienced a diminished appetite, an increased pulse rate, dilated pupils, and feelings of self-confidence and euphoria. Zachary most likely experienced the effects of
    A) heroin.
    B) cocaine.
    C) LSD.
    D) marijuana.
    B) inattentional blindness


  4. The Russian psychologist Vygotsky suggested that children's ability to solve problems is enhanced by
    A) basic trust.
    B) interaction with the social environment
    C) conservation.
    D) imprinting.
    B) interaction with the social environment


  5. Bed-wetting is most likely to occur at the end of ________ sleep.
    A) Stage 1
    B) Stage 2
    C) slow-wave
    D) paradoxical
    C) slow-wave


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