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  1. What was the Thymele?
  2. How many actors were on stage at once?
  3. What was the orchestra?
  4. What was the theatron
  5. What was the Skene?
  1. a the watching place where people stood
  2. b 3
  3. c The changing hut
  4. d The dancing place
  5. e It was the altar to Dionysis

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  1. Elizabethan age (17th century)
  2. He added the 3rd actor and added the idea of painted scenery.
  3. hypocrite because he would "play roles"
  4. Place- one location, time- 24 hours, action- single simple plot.
  5. 15 men about to go into war.

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  1. What did the word "tragedy" mean?Chanted and moved together, gave background information, offered reflection on actions (audience or conscience), and prayed or honored the gods.


  2. How many men were in the chorus?15


  3. What did the ancient greeks wear as costumes?A face mask with a smile or frown to show emotions, and symbolically collared robes (ex. white-purity, black-bad)


  4. What was tragedy in Greek?It was the altar to Dionysis


  5. What were the actors called?1st- protagonist because he starts or drives the action, 2nd- deuteragonist


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