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  1. NATO
  2. geneva summit
  3. Harry Truman
  4. marshall plan
  5. stalin
  1. a start of relaxation of tensions
    peace between nations
    gave the opportunity for open surveillance on anything
    established trust
  2. b -russian leader
    -wanted to keep russia strong, germany weak
    -hated capitalism
    -wanted international communism
  3. c economic restoration in europe
    save europe from economic collapse
    gave europe food, fuel, raw materials
    24 million dollars
  4. d strenthened North atlantic area to provide military support and international peace/security
  5. e -carried out the atomic bomb
    -president at the end of WWII
    -present at the Potsdam Conference

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  1. -Russia realized they needed Poland to cooperate to their government because they were a threat to their security
    -at the yalta conference it was decided that Poland would be allowed free elections
    -russia did not want to allow that to happen
  2. -creates independent nations
    -cost effective
    -empowered the nation to know it was self-sufficient
    -particularism was aimed at rebuilding economy
  3. -supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering
  4. elimination of stalin's influence
    removed stalin from all public landmarks
  5. provided economic aid to greece and turkey
    used to fight off communism

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  1. the policy of the US before WWIIgermany was divided into four zones
    -france, US, Britain, russia


  2. hungarian revoltan effort to the expansion of communism


  3. Titoism-socialist group
    -rejected communism
    -refused to take orders from the Soviet Union
    -led by Josip Tito the leader of Yugoslavia


  4. Kennan's fundamental objectives of our foreign policy1) to protect the security of the nation without threats from foreign powers
    2) to advance the welfare of its people, by promoting the nation to make the maximum contributions to other nations and derive maximum benefits from the foreign country's resources and abilities


  5. Reparationsstrenthened North atlantic area to provide military support and international peace/security


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