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  1. stalin
  2. division of Germany
  3. Why is containment good?
  4. containment
  5. geneva summit
  1. a an effort to the expansion of communism
  2. b -creates independent nations
    -cost effective
    -empowered the nation to know it was self-sufficient
    -particularism was aimed at rebuilding economy
  3. c -russian leader
    -wanted to keep russia strong, germany weak
    -hated capitalism
    -wanted international communism
  4. d start of relaxation of tensions
    peace between nations
    gave the opportunity for open surveillance on anything
    established trust
  5. e germany was divided into four zones
    -france, US, Britain, russia

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  1. truman agreed to lend the allied nations with money to fight the Nazis. after the war, they would stop giving money. This meant that the Russians needed the reparations from the war.
  2. -created the new look
    -supported containment
    -ensured that a retaliation strike would be much worse than the attack
    -ultimate goal: international peace
  3. russia blocked off US access to berlin in order to prevent the US from gaining power
    organized air lifts to transport goods and supplies to them
  4. isolationism
  5. -carried out the atomic bomb
    -president at the end of WWII
    -present at the Potsdam Conference

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  1. Potsdam conference of 1945-roosevelt, Clement Atlee, Stalin
    -Germany was the problem
    -It was decided that Germany needed to have a strong economy in order to sustain the US's current economy
    -Russia wanted to keep Germany weak though to make sure it didn't become a superpower


  2. Titoism-socialist group
    -rejected communism
    -refused to take orders from the Soviet Union
    -led by Josip Tito the leader of Yugoslavia


  3. Kennan's fundamental objectives of our foreign policy1) to protect the security of the nation without threats from foreign powers
    2) to advance the welfare of its people, by promoting the nation to make the maximum contributions to other nations and derive maximum benefits from the foreign country's resources and abilities


  4. atomic energy actdecided how to control and manage the nuclear technology


  5. Geore marshall-politician
    -father of containment
    -believed in particularism
    -wanted to ensure than no country could become dominant over another


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