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  1. Reparations
  2. sputnik
  3. the policy of the US before WWII
  4. particularism
  5. stalin
  1. a -upon Germany's defeat, the US would receive $20 trillion. This would ruin Germany so they decided not to collect reparations
  2. b isolationism
  3. c satellite aiming nuclear weapon at US at anytime/anyplace
  4. d recognized that people will always create conflict where there is power involved. focuses on creating international alliances instead of fake friendships between countries
  5. e -russian leader
    -wanted to keep russia strong, germany weak
    -hated capitalism
    -wanted international communism

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  1. -socialist group
    -rejected communism
    -refused to take orders from the Soviet Union
    -led by Josip Tito the leader of Yugoslavia
  2. economic restoration in europe
    save europe from economic collapse
    gave europe food, fuel, raw materials
    24 million dollars
  3. germany was divided into four zones
    -france, US, Britain, russia
  4. -creates independent nations
    -cost effective
    -empowered the nation to know it was self-sufficient
    -particularism was aimed at rebuilding economy
  5. the nations need to create a world to promote the well-being of the nations foundations

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  1. universalistic-supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering


  2. truman doctrineprovided economic aid to greece and turkey
    used to fight off communism


  3. berlin airlift-supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering


  4. dean achesondesigned marshall plan, truman doctrine, and NATO. Acheson recognized the negative impact if greece was lost from the marshall plan. this would lead to everything being controlled by Russia


  5. Potsdam conference of 1945-roosevelt, Clement Atlee, Stalin
    -Germany was the problem
    -It was decided that Germany needed to have a strong economy in order to sustain the US's current economy
    -Russia wanted to keep Germany weak though to make sure it didn't become a superpower


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