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The Cold War Test

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  1. truman doctrine
  2. berlin airlift
  3. U-2 incident
  4. Stalin's goal
  5. Marshal Tito
  1. a Russia strong; Germany weak
  2. b provided economic aid to greece and turkey
    used to fight off communism
  3. c soviets shot down american photgrapher
    america recoiled its trust
    american spy plane shot down
    soviet captured pilot
  4. d russia blocked off US access to berlin in order to prevent the US from gaining power
    organized air lifts to transport goods and supplies to them
  5. e -prime minister of yugoslavia
    -after yugoslavia was invaded, the us defended them and saw his efforts

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  1. strenthened North atlantic area to provide military support and international peace/security
  2. -supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering
  3. leader to the soviets
    against allowing US to surveillance materials
    was aggressive in de-stalinization
  4. -roosevelt, Clement Atlee, Stalin
    -Germany was the problem
    -It was decided that Germany needed to have a strong economy in order to sustain the US's current economy
    -Russia wanted to keep Germany weak though to make sure it didn't become a superpower
  5. -politician
    -father of containment
    -believed in particularism
    -wanted to ensure than no country could become dominant over another

5 True/False Questions

  1. division of Germanygermany was divided into four zones
    -france, US, Britain, russia


  2. Titoism-socialist group
    -rejected communism
    -refused to take orders from the Soviet Union
    -led by Josip Tito the leader of Yugoslavia


  3. universalistic-prime minister of yugoslavia
    -after yugoslavia was invaded, the us defended them and saw his efforts


  4. marshall planeconomic restoration in europe
    save europe from economic collapse
    gave europe food, fuel, raw materials
    24 million dollars


  5. sputnik-russian leader
    -wanted to keep russia strong, germany weak
    -hated capitalism
    -wanted international communism


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