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  1. U-2 incident
  2. dwight eisenhower
  3. national security act
  4. division of Germany
  5. atomic energy act
  1. a germany was divided into four zones
    -france, US, Britain, russia
  2. b -created the new look
    -supported containment
    -ensured that a retaliation strike would be much worse than the attack
    -ultimate goal: international peace
  3. c control over atomic bomb
    once russia created an atomic bomb, america lost its military superiority
  4. d soviets shot down american photgrapher
    america recoiled its trust
    american spy plane shot down
    soviet captured pilot
  5. e decided how to control and manage the nuclear technology

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  1. start of relaxation of tensions
    peace between nations
    gave the opportunity for open surveillance on anything
    established trust
  2. -prime minister of yugoslavia
    -after yugoslavia was invaded, the us defended them and saw his efforts
  3. -supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering
  4. -upon Germany's defeat, the US would receive $20 trillion. This would ruin Germany so they decided not to collect reparations
  5. the division between russia and the US after the division of germany
    -led to the us being completely shut out

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  1. truman doctrineprovided economic aid to greece and turkey
    used to fight off communism


  2. Cominternan effort to infiltrate international widespread communism to gain world wide control


  3. Harry Truman-carried out the atomic bomb
    -president at the end of WWII
    -present at the Potsdam Conference


  4. the policy of the US before WWIIgermany was divided into four zones
    -france, US, Britain, russia


  5. hungarian revolthungarians standing up against destalinization
    hated communism
    wanted to be treated better
    US did not defend them


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