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  1. exasperated
  2. unobtrusively
  3. Assimilationism
  4. disheveled
  5. carriage
  1. a adj
    mussed up - disorderly
  2. b adv
    quietly, without drawing attention
  3. c adj
    greatly irritated
  4. d noun
    the oricess of a minoirity group being absorbed into the majority culture
  5. e noun
    the manner in which one's body is held; posture

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  1. adv
    said or done in an indirect manner
  2. adj
  3. noun
    gaining profit through buying influence
  4. adv
    with much resentment
  5. adj

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  1. furtivelyadj


  2. indictmentnoun
    an accusing or charging with a crime


  3. stupornoun
    a dazed condition


  4. squinchadj
    charachteristic of a mood of angry withdrawal


  5. sullenadj
    charachteristic of a mood of angry withdrawal


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