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  1. The use of different lines, shapes, and colors in a piece of work.
  2. Shows an object in space, the mass or positive space it occupies. The term usually used when describing 3-D object.
  3. The repetition of lines shapes or colors to create a feeling of movement
  4. Dots or strokes which show motion and connect two point. Maybe vertical, horizontal or diagonal, curved, straight, zigzag, or show emotion.

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  1. EmphasisArea enclosed when both sides of a line meet. Shapes can be geometric or organic.


  2. MovementA different created when elements are placed next to each other in a work of art.


  3. ColorThe lightness of an object or color. Often used with drawings requiring shading.


  4. ContrastHue. May be complementary, analogous, primary, secondary, tertiary or part of a color wheel.


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