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  1. free trade
  2. mixed economy
  3. traditional economy
  4. private enterprise
  5. developing nation
  1. a an economy is which people exchange goods and services
  2. b trade without barriers
  3. c an economy in which the government is involved in setting economic and social policies
  4. d the capitalist system
  5. e a nation whose economy is based on farming and the export of natural resources

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  1. the capitalist system
  2. a system in which buyers and sellers make their own choices about what to produce , how much to produce, and for whom
  3. a combination of small farms that have been taken over by the government
  4. a block in international trade put in my place by the government
  5. an economic system in which the government owns the basic means of production and decides how resources should be used

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  1. industrializationthe growth of industries such as manufacturing


  2. factors of productiona characteristic of socialism in which the central government takes over certain industries , such as transportation and steel


  3. capitalmeans of production


  4. collectivizationthe process of taking over privately owned property


  5. technologythe practical application of science to commerce or industry


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