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  1. capital
  2. socialism
  3. free trade
  4. market economy
  5. free enterprise
  1. a an economy in which buyers and sellers decide what to make, how much to make, and for whom
  2. b an economic system in which the government owns the basic means of production and decides how resources should be used
  3. c trade without barriers
  4. d the capitalist system
  5. e means of production

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  1. the basic resources in an economic system
  2. a person who is organizes the other factors of production in order to produce goods and services and who risks his or her capital to run and own and run a business
  3. a nation whose economy is based on farming and the export of natural resources
  4. the government that acts for all the states within the country
  5. the capitalist system

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  1. trade barriertrade without barriers


  2. subsidya government payment to the producer of a good or service


  3. quota systema system in which buyers and sellers make their own choices about what to produce , how much to produce, and for whom


  4. collectivizationthe growth of industries such as manufacturing


  5. industrializationthe growth of industries such as manufacturing


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