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  1. Is used for transporting food (sugar)
  2. what are channels for the passage of water called?
  3. what is the evaporation of water from a plant called?
  4. What are lilies, grasses, orchids and palms
  5. what is the megaspore?
  1. a Phloem
  2. b monocots
  3. c female
  4. d Aquaporins
  5. e transpiration

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  1. macronutrients
  2. Pteridophytes
  3. parenchyma
  4. bulk flow
  5. Yes

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  1. what is in the B horizon?male


  2. what is the belt of suberin that blocks the passage of water and dissolved minerals called?Aquaporins


  3. Bryophytes are vascular or nonvascularperform metabolic functions


  4. What are conifers considered?Gymnosperm


  5. water molecules tug on each othercohesion


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