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  1. What are roses, beans, sunflowers and oaks
  2. where is humus found?
  3. What are the 4 purposes of roots
  4. terminal buds inhibit the growth of axillary buds
  5. what contains the male gametophyte?
  1. a pollen
  2. b anchor plant, absorb nutrients, store food, increase surface area
  3. c apical dominance
  4. d A horizon
  5. e dicots

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  1. Stomata
  2. pattern formation
  3. dicot
  4. monocot
  5. periderm

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  1. what part of the plant is subterraneanroot


  2. Are gymnosperm vascular or non-vascular?vascular


  3. what are the hardened secondary walls called?parenchyma


  4. what is the integument + megasporangium + megaspore called?Protonema


  5. what is the microspore?male


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