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  1. what is the main organ for photosynthesis?
  2. what two ways are pollen spread?
  3. what is in the C horizon?
  4. what is the microspore?
  5. Is used for transporting food (sugar)
  1. a male
  2. b parent material
  3. c Phloem
  4. d wind; animal
  5. e leaves

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  1. parenchyma
  2. A horizon
  3. Pteridophytes
  4. ovule
  5. pollen

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  1. Are gymnosperm vascular or non-vascular?vascular


  2. The 1st category of plantsBryophytes


  3. Monocots vs Dicots: petals in 3xdicot


  4. Bryophyte life cycle is dominated by what stage?Haploid gametophyte


  5. what part of the plant is subterraneanroot


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