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  1. where is humus found?
  2. Monocots vs Dicots: Which has vascular bundles scattered?
  3. what produces tough, thick covering
  4. Do Pteridophytes have a water transport system?
  5. what is the ground tissue of a plant called?
  1. a A horizon
  2. b parenchyma
  3. c monocot
  4. d cork cambium
  5. e Yes

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  1. pollen
  2. naked seeds
  3. epidermis
  4. morphogenesis
  5. provide support and allow growth

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  1. what are unevenly thickened primary walls called?collenchyma


  2. which meristems are for secondary growth (girth)macronutrients


  3. Are gymnosperm hetero or homo spory?Bryophytes


  4. what are "typical" plant cells calledAngiosperm


  5. How do bryophytes fertilize?swimming sperm


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