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  1. which nutrients are needed in small quantities
  2. what is the ground tissue of a plant called?
  3. what part of the plant is subterranean
  4. The sporophyte embryo is packaged along with food supply in a protective coat called a ?
  5. Are gymnosperm hetero or homo spory?
  1. a parenchyma
  2. b seed
  3. c root
  4. d heterospory
  5. e micronutrients

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  1. the diffusion of water from a high concentration to a low concentration
  2. dicot
  3. Casparian Strip
  4. A horizon
  5. pollen

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  1. what contains the male gametophyte?protection of the egg and embryo in a sporophyte


  2. T/F: The plant kingdom is monophyleticTrue


  3. Are angiosperm hetero or homo spory?heterospory


  4. which meristems are for primary growth and length?apical meristems


  5. What are roses, beans, sunflowers and oaksdicots


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