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  1. Monocots vs Dicots: netted veins
  2. all seed have 2 spores, what are they?
  3. The growth of young shoots is called?
  4. what are the first flowering plants called?
  5. what is the belt of suberin that blocks the passage of water and dissolved minerals called?
  1. a megaspore; microspore
  2. b Angiosperm
  3. c terminal bud
  4. d Casparian Strip
  5. e dicot

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  1. micronutrients
  2. angiosperm
  3. wind; animal
  4. Gymnosperm
  5. vascular

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  1. The 2nd category of plantsPteridophytes


  2. what is the alternating system of nodes and internodes calledperiderm


  3. The 1st category of plantsPteridophytes


  4. Are angiosperm vascular or non-vascular?vascular


  5. what is the evaporation of water from a plant called?transpiration


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