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  1. Ferns are an example of what?
  2. what is the protective coat of secondary plant body called?
  3. what tissue has photosynthesis and storage and support?
  4. Are angiosperm hetero or homo spory?
  5. what is the belt of suberin that blocks the passage of water and dissolved minerals called?
  1. a heterospory
  2. b periderm
  3. c Pteridophytes
  4. d parenchyma
  5. e Casparian Strip

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  1. epidermis
  2. sporophyte
  3. monocot
  4. female
  5. less organic

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  1. How do bryophytes fertilize?swimming sperm


  2. What are the 4 purposes of rootsanchor plant, absorb nutrients, store food, increase surface area


  3. what is the alternating system of nodes and internodes calledstem


  4. Is used for transporting food (sugar)Phloem


  5. Mosses and liverworts are an example of ?Bryophytes


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