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  1. The 1st category of plants
  2. all seed have 2 spores, what are they?
  3. Are angiosperm hetero or homo spory?
  4. what is the main organ for photosynthesis?
  5. what is the evaporation of water from a plant called?
  1. a heterospory
  2. b megaspore; microspore
  3. c transpiration
  4. d Bryophytes
  5. e leaves

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  1. wind; animal
  2. axillary bud
  3. Pteridophytes
  4. Positional information
  5. protection of the egg and embryo in a sporophyte

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  1. 4th category of plantsGymnosperm


  2. The gymnosperm is dominated by what life cycle?sporophyte


  3. what is the microspore?female


  4. Monocots vs Dicots: 4x-5x petalsdicot


  5. Mosses and liverworts are an example of ?wind; animal


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