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  1. terminal buds inhibit the growth of axillary buds
  2. what are the two types of angiosperm?
  3. what is the function of parenchyma
  4. what is the function of collenchyma
  5. what is the microspore?
  1. a perform metabolic functions
  2. b monocots; dicots
  3. c apical dominance
  4. d provide support and allow growth
  5. e male

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  1. morphogenesis
  2. fruit
  3. pollen
  4. coal and oil
  5. Haploid gametophyte

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  1. How do bryophytes fertilize?swimming sperm


  2. Monocots vs Dicots: netted veinsmonocot


  3. The growth of young shoots is called?shoot


  4. what is the protective coat of secondary plant body called?parenchyma


  5. what are channels for the passage of water called?xylem and phloem


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