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  1. Beneficial Uses of Bacteria
  2. Louis Pasteur
  3. Micro-organism
  4. Inoculate
  5. Joseph Lister
  1. a The first doctor to prove that the sterilization of instruments and bandages prevents death from infection.
  2. b (Just a few examples)-Yogurt cultures, fermentation, aiding in decomposition, the release of elements such as carbon and nitrogen, the production of cheese.
  3. c To introduce a micro-organism onto an agar plate
  4. d Microscopic-sized organisms, like bacteria, viruses or fungi.
  5. e A French scientist who lived in the 1800's. He proved that anthrax vaccines protect sheep from anthrax. He invented the process of pasteurization, and theorized about the process of sterilization.

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  1. released by fungi in reproduction
  2. To grow microorganisms in a nutrient medium like agar
  3. Gel-like substance used for growing bacteria, fungi, plant, or other cells
  4. Groups of drugs used to block the growth and reproduction of bacterial pathogens.
  5. a living thing that provides a source of energy for a virus or an organism

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  1. Protein coatSurrounds a virus and is detected by the body's immune system


  2. ImmunizationThe process of heating liquids at a low heat for a long period of time in order to kill microbes.


  3. Yeasta living thing that provides a source of energy for a virus or an organism


  4. VirusA tiny micorbe that invades and then reproduces inside a living cell


  5. Sterilisereleased by fungi in reproduction


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