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  1. ellipse
  2. quotient
  3. addition
  4. parallel
  5. curved
  1. a a line that bends
  2. b the answer to a division problem
  3. c a shape of an oval
  4. d two lines that will never touch
  5. e putting two numbers together, ex: 2+4 = 6

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  1. the answer to a multiplication problem
  2. the answer to a subtraction problem
  3. taking one number away from another, ex: 4-2= 2
  4. a line that intersects another line and makes a right angle
  5. math with shapes

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  1. totalthe answer to an addition problem


  2. diagonala line that goes from corner to corner


  3. anglemeasures the amount of turn between two intersecting lines


  4. multiplicationtaking one number away from another, ex: 4-2= 2


  5. straighta line that doesn't bend


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