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  1. This is the same as narrative point of view (P.O.V.) It refers to whether the voice telling the story is inside or outside the story.
  2. ________conflict is between a characters and an external force (other character or entity).
  3. This type of third person narrative perspective can see into the minds of all the characters. It is also called 'eye of god'.
  4. The resolution or outcome of the story.

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  1. first person narratorThis type of third person narrative perspective, is outside the story, but cannot see into the minds of all the characters, usually just one.


  2. third person limitedThis type of narrative perspective is a character inside the story and telling the story. They use "I" to tell the story.


  3. twistAn unexpected surprise ending.


  4. turning pointAn event which creates a change in the plot.


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