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Lesson 9 Vocabulary Test

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  1. indignation
  2. introspective
  3. docile
  4. discursive
  5. munificent
  1. a very generous
  2. b easily managed, obedient, passive
  3. c rambling, moving from one topic to another randomly
  4. d the quality of examining one's own mind or thought
  5. e anger as a result of something unjust

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. easily understood, mentally sound
  2. one skilled in the fine arts as an accomplished musician, a savant
  3. given freely, unwarranted
  4. extravagantly abundant, flowing freely
  5. to dull the senses as to put into a stupor

5 True/False Questions

  1. plagiarizeto steal and to use another's writings as one's own


  2. misanthropea hater of mankind


  3. hypothesizeto reach a conclusion based on an assumption or something not proven


  4. estrangeto alienate, to separate


  5. satedeasily understood, mentally sound


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