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  1. estrange
  2. amiable
  3. virtuoso
  4. meticulous
  5. ambiguous
  1. a having more than one meaning; unclear, uncertain
  2. b one skilled in the fine arts as an accomplished musician, a savant
  3. c friendly, sociable, and congenial; civil and urbane
  4. d to alienate, to separate
  5. e taking great care

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  1. coarse, crude, and unrefined
  2. easily understood, mentally sound
  3. extravagantly abundant, flowing freely
  4. concise
  5. stubborn, difficult to manage

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  1. indignationanger as a result of something unjust


  2. plagiarizefriendly, sociable, and congenial; civil and urbane


  3. discursiveeasily managed, obedient, passive


  4. transientconcise


  5. docileeasily understood, mentally sound


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