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  1. introspective
  2. sated
  3. exonerate
  4. stupefy
  5. gratuitous
  1. a to free from blame, obligation, or responsibility; to exculpate
  2. b satisfied fully, indulged to excess
  3. c the quality of examining one's own mind or thought
  4. d to dull the senses as to put into a stupor
  5. e given freely, unwarranted

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  1. a hater of mankind
  2. stubborn, difficult to manage
  3. rambling, moving from one topic to another randomly
  4. quickly passing, fleeting
  5. one skilled in the fine arts as an accomplished musician, a savant

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  1. meticuloushaving more than one meaning; unclear, uncertain


  2. lucidsatisfied fully, indulged to excess


  3. ambiguoustaking great care


  4. munificentquickly passing, fleeting


  5. crasscoarse, crude, and unrefined


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