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  1. carbohydrates
  2. basidia
  3. ascus
  4. gills
  5. digestive enzymes
  1. a fungi secrete this to break down organic matter so they can then absorb the decomposed molecules
  2. b In lichens, the algae partner provides what nutrient?
  3. c Members from the phylum Ascomycota form
  4. d the underside of mushrooms contains thousands of club shaped structures called
  5. e the underside of mushrooms is lined with rows of this

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  1. fungi differ from plants in that the nucleus divides in this way
  2. sexual reproduction in fungi is initiated when these come together to form a reproductive structure
  3. a mycelium helps a fungus absorb nutrients from its environment because it provides a
  4. durring succession, these are the first living organisms to appear in a new area
  5. fungi are long slender filaments as opposed to plants are made of

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  1. zygosporangiaMembers from the phylum of zygomycota form


  2. parasitesfungi compete for nutrients with thier hosts so are called


  3. sporangiumMembers from the phylum of zygomycota form


  4. basidiumMembers of the phylum basidiomycota form


  5. mycorrhizaecertain fungi play important roles in nutrition of vascular plants by forming symbiotic associations with their roots


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