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  1. digestive enzymes
  2. decompose
  3. chitin
  4. lichens
  5. gills
  1. a the underside of mushrooms is lined with rows of this
  2. b fungi secrete this to break down organic matter so they can then absorb the decomposed molecules
  3. c the tough material found in the cell walls of all fungi
  4. d durring succession, these are the first living organisms to appear in a new area
  5. e fungi do this to nonliving organic matter and thus are resource recyclers

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  1. fungi commerically useful in baking, brewing and wine making
  2. Members from the phylum of zygomycota form
  3. a mycelium helps a fungus absorb nutrients from its environment because it provides a
  4. fungi differ from plants in that the nucleus divides in this way
  5. Fungi do not contain this

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  1. basidiumthe underside of mushrooms contains thousands of club shaped structures called


  2. mycorrhizaethe slender filaments that make up the body of most fungi


  3. have a cell wall, appear rooted, are immobileReasons why biologist used to group the fungi as a plant.


  4. carbohydratesfungi compete for nutrients with thier hosts so are called


  5. sporangiuma sac on top of a stalk that produces spores and also serves as protection until ready for reproduction


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