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  1. Polytheistic
  2. Elijah
  3. Abraham
  4. Solomon
  5. Yom Kippur
  1. a pre-exilic prophet
  2. b day of sacrifice, now it is when God reconciled with us
  3. c Davids son who takes over, slavery, builds the temple
  4. d made 2nd covenant with God
  5. e when you worship many gods

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  1. destroy and conquer town without stealing or taking anything
  2. second king, son of Jesse, beats Goliath
  3. violent man with an uncontrolled passion for women, dependent on long hair
  4. David's best friend, sauls son, dies in war
  5. people who were extremely hated by the Jews

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  1. Judgedeliverers, cycle of Baal, 12, six major, six minor


  2. Ezekialpost-exilic prophet


  3. Canaanthe name of the promised land


  4. Passover Sedercelebrates freedom


  5. Jacob12 sons, descendents settle in Egypt


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