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  1. Samson
  2. Ban
  3. Canaan
  4. Jeremiah
  5. Noah
  1. a the name of the promised land
  2. b post-exilic prophet
  3. c destroy and conquer town without stealing or taking anything
  4. d violent man with an uncontrolled passion for women, dependent on long hair
  5. e God makes 1st covenant with him, flood story

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  1. post- exilic prophet
  2. when you only worship one God
  3. the story of God's actions and the peoples responses over many years
  4. deliverers, cycle of Baal, 12, six major, six minor
  5. made 2nd covenant with God

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  1. DavidHebrew word for prophet


  2. Isaiahconfident counselor who comes from Jerusalem


  3. NazariteHebrew word for prophet


  4. Sinailocation where God gives Moses the 10 Commandments


  5. Jonathanthe name of the promised land


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