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  1. Upwelling common along in the equator that creates areas of high productivity, prolific for fishing grounds.
  2. A circular eddy of a surface current that contains cold water in its center surrounded by warm water and rotates counter-clock wise in the Northern Hemisphere.
  3. Process where water rises from below to replace the water moving away from the shore.
  4. Current in Antarctic waters that encircles Antarctica and flows from the west to east at approximately 50 degrees south latitude but varies between 40 and 65 degrees south latitude.

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  1. El NinoWarm water current usually occurred around Christmas.


  2. Thermohaline circulationAn integrated model combining deep thermohaline circulation and surface currents that resembles a large conveyor belt.


  3. Warm-core ringWarm sea water eddies that rotate clockwise surrounded by cooler water.


  4. Western intensificationAn east-west atmospheric pressure seesaw that accompanied El Nino.


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