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  1. scrawl
  2. epidemic
  3. luminous
  4. spare
  5. bawl
  1. a a disease that spreads over a wide geographic area.
  2. b write carelessly, scribble
  3. c shining; issuing light
  4. d leave uninjured, an extra of something
  5. e to cry out or sob loudly

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  1. full of danger
  2. district of a city, designated for a purpose like voting
  3. to unite into a whole; especially to end the separation of races
  4. repeat aloud from memory
  5. ability; talent

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  1. follya foolish act or idea


  2. elegya sad or mournful poem


  3. intrigueability; talent


  4. meagernot enough


  5. crudewrite carelessly, scribble


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