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  1. elegy
  2. luminous
  3. precedent
  4. bawl
  5. precinct
  1. a shining; issuing light
  2. b district of a city, designated for a purpose like voting
  3. c an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time, a previous case
  4. d a sad or mournful poem
  5. e to cry out or sob loudly

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  1. repeat aloud from memory
  2. full of danger
  3. to take revenge
  4. Raw, unfinished, roughly made
  5. wealth, success

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  1. meagerleave uninjured, an extra of something


  2. integrateto take revenge


  3. scrawlwrite carelessly, scribble


  4. ganglyungracefully tall and thin


  5. follyungracefully tall and thin


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