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  1. Impact Crater
  2. Population
  3. Environment
  4. Ecosystem
  5. Buoyancy
  1. a All the individuals of the same kind living in the same environment
  2. b A bowl shaped hole that is formed when asteroids and comets collide with the surface
  3. c An upward acting force, caused by fluid pressure, that opposes and object's weight. The force can keep an object afloat.
  4. d The living and nonliving things around an organism
  5. e All the living and nonliving things that interact with each other in an environment.

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  1. A form of energy that travels through space and can be seen by the human eye.
  2. Anything that has mass and takes up space.
  3. To prevent heat from passing through.
  4. The star that is at the center of our solar system and our source of light and heat for the planets in our solar system.
  5. sometimes called the twilight zone or "grey line," is a moving line that marks the illuminated day side and the dark night side of a planetary body such as moons or planets.

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  1. LensA curved piece of clear plastic or glass that bends light rays.


  2. Closed CircuitA circuit (pathway) that has no openings that will prevent electricity to flow


  3. InsulatorTo prevent heat from passing through.


  4. MYAMillion of Years Ago


  5. Carrying CapacityDirect effect or change on


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