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  1. Light Energy
  2. Eclipse
  3. Recycle
  4. Mass Extinction
  5. Metric System
  1. a Processing waste items so the materials they are made of can be used to make new items.
  2. b The passing of one object through the shadow of another
  3. c Is the measurement system used in all scientific investigations.
  4. d A form of energy that travels through space and can be seen by the human eye.
  5. e Extinction on a large scale, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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  1. Cllimate is over a long period of time
    Weather is over a shorter periord of time - changes often
  2. (Physical) Characteristics of a substance that can be observed, measured, or changed and used to identify matter.
  3. The process by which a substance goes from a liquid to a gas; the Sun drives this process by heating the water on Earth.
  4. an opening in Earth's crust through which lava and ash erupt
  5. A summary that states if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect and what the investigation showed, based on observations and data. .

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  1. hypothesisa relationship that explains a series of observations (and it must be testable)


  2. RotateA substance that is dissolved in another substance forming a solution.


  3. Fossil FuelFuels formed millions of years ago from the remains of dead plants and animals, including coal, oil, and natural gas. (Can be remembered by using F.F. C.O.N. = Fossil Fuel Coal, Oil, Natural Gas)


  4. solar energyThe process of obtaining useful energy from the Sun via solar panels. An inexhaustible resource.


  5. RevolutionA mixture in which two or more substances are uniformly dissolved throughout and cannot be separated.


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