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  1. Deposition
  2. solar energy
  3. Space Probe
  4. Renewable
  5. craters
  1. a Bowl-shaped structures on the surface of a planet or moon caused by the impact of meteorites.
  2. b The process where sediment eroded by wind, water, or ice is dropped in a new place.
  3. c A robot vehicle used to explore deep space.
  4. d The process of obtaining useful energy from the Sun via solar panels. An inexhaustible resource.
  5. e Resources that nature can provide again and again in a relatively short period of time.

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  1. A material that allows energy (heat)to pass through very easily.
  2. Consisting of living organisms
  3. A curved piece of clear plastic or glass that bends light rays.
  4. Anything that can change in an experiment.
  5. A change of matter in size, shape, or state without changing it into a new substance.

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  1. FaultSediment on top of older sediment and pressed together.


  2. ThermalLiquid, molten rock found below the Earth's surface.


  3. CementationBinds particles together


  4. WindmillAn engine powered by the wind designed to produce energy from an inexhaustible source.


  5. CycleThe role each population has in its habitat


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