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  1. Refraction
  2. Experiment
  3. Promienence
  4. Magnetic
  5. Celsius
  1. a Attracted to a magnet because it contains iron.
  2. b A scientific investigation that tests a hypothesis.
  3. c The bending or chaning direction of light rays as they pass from one substance to another.
  4. d a stream of gas that erupts from the surface of the sun
  5. e Is a temperature scale that refers to a specific temperature on the Celsius scale.

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  1. The ways in which the organisms in an ecosystem interact with one another according to what they eat
  2. The temperature at which a substance changes state from a liquid to a solid.
  3. Bowl-shaped structures on the surface of a planet or moon caused by the impact of meteorites.
  4. The process of being collected or gathered.
  5. Energy sources that do not come from fossil fuels. A renewable or inexhaustible resource.

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  1. AxisAn imaginary line that passes through Earth's center and its North and South Poles


  2. wind energya form of solar energy, due to uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, that converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical power.


  3. PercolationThe slow movement of water through the pores in soil or permeable rock.


  4. Canyona valley between steep cliff sides formed by running water, such as a river or stream


  5. ConclusionThe change of a gas (water vapor) into a liquid (water).


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