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  1. communicable by contact, catching
  2. a highly contagious, sometimes fatal, ciral disease, causing a fever and skin eruptions
  3. of or relating to, or characteristic of the underworld
  4. surpassing all others, best
  5. scheming or crafty actions intended to accomplish some usually evil end
  6. paneling of oak, or other wood, used to line interior walls

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  1. pleurisya disease characterized by pain in the chest of side, with fever and loss of appetite usually caused by a chill


  2. underfootof or relating to, or characteristic of the underworld


  3. housewiferythe traditional skills or a married woman in charge of maintaining her household including cooking, cleaning, sewing, and other tasks


  4. rebelliousresisting, opposing or disobeying authority


  5. instigatedthe state of being in debt to someone, usually for something other than money


  6. obligedto begin burning, to set on fire


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