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-Trojan leader
-displayed exemplary devotion to father,country,and gods


-Rome's first consul
-known for his heroic devotion to duty by putting his dsons to death for plotting treason

Cato the Elder

-Roman censor famed for his frugality,self-sacrifice,and devotion to duty


-Roman farmer-patriot called from his plow to lead the Roman army.
-After defeating the enemy,he modestly returned to his farm instead of taking a higher position/status.


-Devoted mother of the Gracchi brothers,who,pointing to her sons,exclaimed "These are my jewels,"

Decius Mus

-Roman consul and general
-rushed into the midst of the enemy,sacrificing his life,bring victory to the Romans


-Displayed integrity of character by refusing to be bribed by Pyrrhus,the famous Greek general

Gracchi Brothers (Gauis and Tiberius)

-Sons of Cornelia
-Tribunes for the people
-Both showed sympathy for the underprivileged and tried to enact laws in their favor.
-In the course of duty,they were killed by their opponents


-Courageous Roman who defended a bridge over the Tiber to delay the Etruscans who were advancing on Rome

Mucius Scaevola

-Roman patriot
-Ordered to be burnt alive by King Porsena
-Showed extreme physical endurance and open defiance of the Etruscans by placing his right hand into the fire.
-Nicknamed "Scaevola"(means left-handed), because of the loss of his right hand.


-Roman general captured in the First Punic War.
-Kept his word of honor to return to his Carthaginian captors,though he knew it mesnt death.


-Twin brother of Romulus


-Founder of Rome

Baucis and Philemon

An aged couple who having hospitably entertained Jupiter and Mercury,were later rewarded by the gods.

Ceres and Proserpina

-Ceres(Goddess of agriculuture) had a daughter named Proserpina was carried off by Pluto to the underworld.
-Through the intervention of Jupiter,it was arranged that Proserpina spend one-third of the year with Pluto

Daedalus and Icarus

-Daedalus,a craftsman,made the first successful flight by using wings fastened with wax.
-His son Icarudsdespite his father's warning,flew so near the sun that the wax melted. Icarus fell to the sea and drowned


-Greek hero noted for his strength.
-Performed the Twelve Labors


-One of three Gorgons,pictured with wings/claws and a head covered with serpents
-Able to turn anyone to stone by looking at them
-Beheaded by Perseus


-King of Phrygia renowned for his wealth.
-Whatever he touched turned to gold.

Orphesus and Eurydice

-Orpheus was a Greek poet enchanted by wild beasts,trees,and even rocks.
-When his wife Eurydice died he was able to bring her back only to lose her again when he gazed back.

Perseus and Andromeda

-Perseus slew a sea monster that threatened Andromeda's life. He later married the girl he saved
-Beheaded Medusa

Pyramus and Thisbe

Famous lovers whose parents refused to give consent to their marriage.Their young lives ended in tragic death.

Theseus and the Minotaur

-Theseus,Greek hero,slew the minotaur,a monster half-man and half-bull.
-Aided by Ariadne,daughter of King Minos

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