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  1. plate tectonics
  2. crust
  3. scientific theory
  4. convection current
  5. athenosphere
  1. a the theory that states that pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in slow, constant motion, driven by convection currents in the mantle
  2. b a soft layer below the lithosphere
  3. c the layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin
  4. d a well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations
  5. e the flow that transfers heat within a fluid

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  1. a layer of hot rock
  2. the transfer of energy through space
  3. where two plates move apart
  4. any trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock
  5. a rock that is usually a light color and has a coarse texture

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  1. continental driftthe idea that continents are slowly moving over Earth's surface


  2. basaltdark rock with a fine texture that normally forms the oceanic crust


  3. seismic wavesa dense ball of solid metal


  4. densitya rock that is usually a light color and has a coarse texture


  5. land features, fossils, and evidence of climate changeName two types of evidence geologists use to study Earth's interior


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