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  1. subduction
  2. Alfred Wegener
  3. density
  4. land features, fossils, and evidence of climate change
  5. conduction
  1. a a measure of how much mass there is in a volume
  2. b the process by which ocean floor sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle
  3. c heat transfer between materials or between materials that are touching
  4. d What did Wegener gather evidence from to support his idea of continental drift?
  5. e a scientist who hypothesized that all the continents were once joined together in a single landmass and have since drifted apart

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  1. What four things do each layer of earth differ in?
  2. heat transfer by the movement of currents within a fluid
  3. a dense ball of solid metal
  4. the super continent that joined all present-day continents together
  5. What evidence could Wegener not provide to support his idea?

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  1. mantlethe super continent that joined all present-day continents together


  2. rift valleybreaks in Earth's crust where rocks have slipped past each other


  3. outer corea layer of molten metal that surrounds the inner core


  4. sonarany trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock


  5. deep-ocean trenchesa deep valley along the ocean floor beneath which oceanic crust slowly sinks toward the mantle


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