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  1. alkynes
  2. covalent bonds
  3. organic acids
  4. acids
  5. ions
  1. a organic molecules that contain a -COOH functional group
  2. b molecules that donate H+ ions to solution
  3. c characterized by electron sharing
  4. d atoms of molecules that carry a charge
  5. e contain at least one triple bond

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  1. groups of atoms held together by chemical bonds
  2. contain only single bonds
  3. molecule with two atoms of the same type (H, halogens)
  4. molecule with many atoms of the same type (S, P)
  5. formula that tells only what is present

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  1. hydrocarbonsmolecules that contain only hydrogen and carbon


  2. anionsnegatively-charged ions


  3. cationsnegatively-charged ions


  4. empirical formulaformula that gives some information regarding connectivity


  5. crystal latticejoined in a ring


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