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  1. anions
  2. bases
  3. diatomic molecule
  4. polyatomic ions
  5. alkynes
  1. a covalently-bonded atoms that carry a charge
  2. b contain at least one triple bond
  3. c molecules that donate OH- (hydroxide) ions to solution
  4. d molecule with two atoms of the same type (H, halogens)
  5. e negatively-charged ions

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  1. smallest ratio of elements to one another
  2. molecules that donate H+ ions to solution
  3. contain only single bonds
  4. organic molecule containing an -OH functional group
  5. groups of atoms held together by chemical bonds

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  1. molecular formulaformula that tells only what is present


  2. crystal latticejoined in a ring


  3. structural formulaformula that gives some information regarding connectivity


  4. cyclicjoined in a ring


  5. ionic bondselectrostatic bonds - charge interactions


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