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  1. Second part of the conduction system, located at the floor of the right atrium, causes a delay to allow the atria to finish emptying
  2. contraction phase of the cardiac cycle ( squeeezing blood out )
  3. Right Left Atria, 2 upper chambers - single is called atrium / Right, Left Ventricles, 2 lower chambers
  4. biscupid / mitral valve
  5. Chambers that separated by walls

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  1. Componets of Cardiac Conduction SystemSinoatrial Node - AKA SA / Artioventricular Node AK -AV Node / Bundle of His, Purkinje Fibers


  2. Mediastinumrelaxation phase of the cardiac cycle


  3. Semilunar Valvesvalves that lead blood out of the heart


  4. ValvesOuter Most Layer - Epicardium, Middle Layer - Myocardium, muscle layer, thickest layer - Inner Layer Endocardium -smooth and seamless


  5. Structurecontraction phase of the cardiac cycle ( squeeezing blood out )


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