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  1. AKA Pacemaker, located posterior wall of right atrium, rhythmically initiates impulses causing the atria to contract at the same time
  2. valves that lead blood out of the heart
  3. contraction phase of the cardiac cycle ( squeeezing blood out )
  4. Right Left Atria, 2 upper chambers - single is called atrium / Right, Left Ventricles, 2 lower chambers
  5. tricuspid valve

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  1. LayersOuter Most Layer - Epicardium, Middle Layer - Myocardium, muscle layer, thickest layer - Inner Layer Endocardium -smooth and seamless


  2. Left AVtricuspid valve


  3. Mediastinumrelaxation phase of the cardiac cycle


  4. Bundle of Hisbiscupid / mitral valve


  5. Diastolerelaxation phase of the cardiac cycle


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