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  1. Stutter mutation
  2. Morphogen
  3. Stop codon
  4. DNA mutation
  5. Template strand
  1. a Causes an expansion or contraction of a run of identical codons within a gene affecting the length of a run of identical amino acids in the polypeptide.
  2. b The DNA strand that is used for assembly of mRNA by RNA polymerase using base-pairing rules. Complementary to the message sequence.
  3. c A substance that controls the pattern of tissue development. It is produced in a particular region of a developing organism. It diffuses to other cells, which then enter a specific developmental pathway.
  4. d A change to the DNA structure altering the sequence of bases.
  5. e One of three triplet codes (UGA, UAG or UAA) that causes the termination of translation by the ribosome.

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  1. Genetic variation where there are distinct phenotypic categories. Usually controlled by one gene to a few genes. Examples include cystic fibrosis, shape of earlobes in humans and height in pea plants.
  2. Characteristic in which the allele responsible is only expressed in the phenotype if there is no dominant allele present.
  3. Variation of genetic information in a gene pool.
  4. Observable characteristics of an organism.
  5. Three types of RNA that form an important structural and functional role within the ribosome.

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  1. Homeobox genesEukaryotic cell or organism that has two identical alleles for a specific gene.


  2. DominantCharacteristic in which the allele responsible is expressed in the phenotype even in those with heterozygous genotypes.


  3. PolarityRefers to the location of cells with respect to the head end (anterior) or tail end (posterior) of the body.


  4. ProteinMacromolecule that is a polymer of many amino acids joined by peptide bonds. May comprise more than one polypeptide chains.


  5. Genetic codeStructure formed on the centromere that attaches the chromosomes to the spindle fibres during mitosis and meiosis.


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