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  1. Succor
  2. Sailent
  3. Desultry
  4. Prevalent
  5. Conglomeration
  1. a conspicuos; striking; Projecting up or out
  2. b a collection of unrelated things
  3. c Help in time of distress; to render help to
  4. d widely occurring or in general use
  5. e Jumping from one thing to another; rambling; haphazard or random

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  1. To develop gradually; To change from a simpler to a more complex form of animal or plant life.
  2. To agree;to cooperate
  3. speaking in a steady, easy flow of words; talkative; glib
  4. to recover health after illness
  5. heroic courage; bravery

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  1. Abjectconspicuos; striking; Projecting up or out


  2. ExultTo rejoice greatly; to be triumphant


  3. AccelerateTo cause faster movement;to go faster


  4. PrecursorConversation;a formal discussion of a subject in a speech or writing


  5. Resilientwidely occurring or in general use


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