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  1. A member of the lowest feudal class, bound to the land and whoever owned the land. Was the biggest part of the population and would be included with the land, if sold.
  2. a person who spreads his or her religious beliefs to others
  3. A form of government in which the people select representatives to govern them and make laws.
  4. Greek city-state
  5. the belief that kings receive their power from God and are responsible only to God
  6. in feudal Europe, a person who received a grant of land from a lord in exchange for a pledge of loyalty and services

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  1. democracyAbsolute ruler of an empire


  2. feudalismGreek city-state


  3. popeGreek city-state


  4. indulgencesSelling of forgiveness of sins documents by the Catholic Church to raise money. The practice led to the Reformation.


  5. revolutionGreek city-state


  6. emperorA large feudal estate, including the castle and often including farms and a village, ruled by a lord.


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