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  1. Define person vs person
  2. Define person vs self
  3. What is a setting?
  4. What is a complication
  5. What is a novel?
  1. a Character against his own will. Trying to make a decision.
  2. b This is the main character is in conflict with another person.
  3. c The time, place, physical details, and circumstances in which a situation occurs. It determines the time and place in fiction.
  4. d A catalyst that begins the major conflict.
  5. e Is a work of fiction that contains at least 170 pages or more.

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  1. The struggle in fiction. Can be internal or external.
  2. The information needed to understand a story.
  3. The character is in conflict with technology such as a man against a robot or artificial intelligence.
  4. The character is in conflict with supernatural forces such as ghosts.
  5. Any form of narravtive which deals in part or whole with events that are not factul.

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  1. What is a climax?The rendering and odering of events and actions of a story.


  2. What is a character?A person who is responsible for thoughts and actions within a story.They are the medium through wich a reader interacts with a piece of literature.


  3. What is a plot structure?It's the way in which the story unfolds.


  4. What is a resolution?The set of evetns that bring the story to a close.


  5. What is non-fiction?An account or representation of a subject which is presented as fact.


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