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  1. exhilarating
  2. civility
  3. mollifying
  4. abortive
  5. bravado
  1. a (adjective) failing to accomplish an intended result
  2. b (adjective) making lively and cheerful
  3. c (noun) polite and courteous behavior
  4. d (noun) false bravery; a boastful display of courage
  5. e (verb) to soften in feeling or temper; appease

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  1. (adjective) bulging or protruding as with fear
  2. (adjective) intensely and overpoweringly happy
  3. (verb) dimmed, blurred
  4. (noun) a medicine that strengthens and invigorates
  5. (adjective) extremely painful

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  1. receptacles(noun) containers that hold items


  2. defunct(adjective) no longer existing or functioning


  3. distraught(adjective) intensely and overpoweringly happy


  4. grave(noun) false bravery; a boastful display of courage


  5. peering(adjective) causing alarm or fear


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