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  1. Chardin
  2. Boucher
  3. Fran's Snyders
  4. Rembrandt
  5. Sir Christopher Wren
  1. a The anatomy lesson of Dr. tulip, 1632. Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph-showing father/son relationship. Supper at Emmaus, prints including Jesus preaching and the Hundred Guilder print, 1649. He did etchings and thousands of drawings.
  2. b
    The kitchen maid
  3. c Venus consoling Love
  4. d
    St. Paul's Cathederal, London 1675-1710
  5. e Flemish painter, Game with dog still life

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  1. Neumann, 1720-44, wurzburg, germany
  2. New class of wealthy merchants in Calvinist Dutch country.

  3. The Swing
  4. Representative iconography used to show age, death etc...including game boards, hourglasses and skulls
  5. Rome

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  1. Johannes vermeer artist in his studioArtist in his studio, 1655
    The little street and view of Delft were his two landscape pieces.


  2. VeduteView paintings


  3. RembrandtOne of many self portraits, this one later in life


  4. Vigee-lebrun
    Girl with the Red Hat, 1665. National gallery, Washington D.C.


  5. TreppenhausHouse of stairs


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