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  1. Vanitas and the 4 seasons and 5 senses
  2. Johannes vermeer artist in his studio
  3. Jacob Ruisdael
  4. Frans Hals
  5. Judith Leyster
  1. a Representative iconography used to show age, death etc...including game boards, hourglasses and skulls
  2. b Artist in his studio, 1655
    The little street and view of Delft were his two landscape pieces.
  3. c
    He painted Wheatfields, view of Haarlem (1670), and Windmill near Wijk bij duurstede
  4. d Associated with the Utrecht Caravaggio. This is self portrait, woman painter, she also did the famous The Proposition with the modest woman doing embroidery.
  5. e
    Banquet of the Civic Guard of St. George at Haarlem, 1616.

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  1. The throne room at the Residence in Wurzburg. Allegory with Venus and Time. Premier painter of 18th century Italy.

  2. Girl with the Red Hat, 1665. National gallery, Washington D.C.
  3. Craze in Europe for all things Chinese including porcelain and laquer

  4. Gypsy, 1635 he also did The Jolly Toper and Younker Ramp and His Sweetheart.

  5. Ships on the Maas River, national gallery, Washington D.C.
    He also did Herdsman with 5 cows by a river, 1655

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  1. French RococoWatteau, Fragonard, Boucher, Chardin


  2. Willem KalfStill life with Pomegranite. Banquet or breakfast piece.


  3. Maria van OosterwyckCraze in Europe for all things Chinese including porcelain and laquer


  4. Rembrandt
    Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture


  5. Rembrandt
    The night watch, 1642


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