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  1. Fragonard
  2. Vigee-lebrun
  3. Judith Leyster
  4. DeSantis
  5. Jacob Ruisdael
  1. a
    The Swing
  2. b
    He painted Wheatfields, view of Haarlem (1670), and Windmill near Wijk bij duurstede
  3. c Portrait of Marie Antoinette and her children, 1787
  4. d
  5. e Associated with the Utrecht Caravaggio. This is self portrait, woman painter, she also did the famous The Proposition with the modest woman doing embroidery.

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  1. Flemish painter, Game with dog still life

  2. Etcher of architectural fantasies. Scenes from prison caprices, 1760
  3. Woman weighing gold, 1660-65.

  4. Elevated portraits of aristocrats
  5. Marriage a la mode. Satirical narratives, 1743-45.

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  1. Clara PeetersScenes from Venice, oil on canvas


  2. Die WiesView paintings


  3. Tiepolo
    The throne room at the Residence in Wurzburg. Allegory with Venus and Time. Premier painter of 18th century Italy.


  4. ChinoiserieCraze in Europe for all things Chinese including porcelain and laquer


  5. Maria van OosterwyckVanitas still life's.


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