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  1. Rembrandt
  2. Inigo Jones
  3. Hogarth
  4. Rachel Ruysch
  5. Canaletto
  1. a
    Marriage a la mode. Satirical narratives, 1743-45.
  2. b Scenes from Venice, oil on canvas
  3. c
    Banqueting house, Whitehall, London 1619-1622. Ceiling paintings by Ruben, architect is inigo jones.
  4. d
    The night watch, 1642
  5. e Famous for her flower still life's.

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  1. Also did views from vanice looking at Santa Maria Della salute

  2. Etcher of architectural fantasies. Scenes from prison caprices, 1760
  3. Representative iconography used to show age, death etc...including game boards, hourglasses and skulls

  4. Girl with the Red Hat, 1665. National gallery, Washington D.C.

  5. Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture

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  1. Fragonard
    The Swing


  2. Frans Hals GypsyFamous for her flower still life's.


  3. English arch. Architectural feature of Christopher Wren and English architects.
    St. Paul's Cathederal, London 1675-1710


  4. Aelbert Cuyp
    Ships on the Maas River, national gallery, Washington D.C.
    He also did Herdsman with 5 cows by a river, 1655


  5. Clara PeetersScenes from Venice, oil on canvas


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