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  1. Chardin
  2. Belvedere palace
  3. Karlskirche
  4. Asam Kirche
  5. Rachel Ruysch
  1. a Famous for her flower still life's.
  2. b
    The kitchen maid
  3. c
    Fischer Von Erlach, Vienna. 1715. Church of St. Charles Borromeo
  4. d
    Vienna. Lukas Von hildebrandt, 1721-24
  5. e
    St. John Nepomuk, Munich, 1733-35

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  1. Without a care
  2. House of stairs
  3. Craze in Europe for all things Chinese including porcelain and laquer
  4. Marriage a la mode. Satirical narratives, 1743-45.
  5. Watteau, Fragonard, Boucher, Chardin

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  1. Jan Vermeer
    Girl with the Red Hat, 1665. National gallery, Washington D.C.


  2. GuardiAlso did views from vanice looking at Santa Maria Della salute


  3. Giovanni Piranesi
    Banqueting house, Whitehall, London 1619-1622. Ceiling paintings by Ruben, architect is inigo jones.


  4. Chardin
    Silver goblet, 1760


  5. TiepoloView paintings


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