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  1. Produces a hormone that destroys bone to release calcium
  2. A group of cells that prepare and release a chemical for use by the body
  3. Produces a hormone that stimulates the production of T-cells
  4. Produces hormones that control many of the endocrine glands
  5. What kind of cell in the lymph nodes produce antibodies?
  6. What kind of cell helps the lymphatic system "remember" an infection so that it can fight the infection better next time?

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  1. HormoneA weakened or inactive version of a pathogen that stimulates the body's production of antibodies that can destroy the pathogen


  2. The B-cells, the T-cells and the macrophagesWhat two kinds of basic structures make up the lymphatic sytem?


  3. The lymphatic systemWhat system regulates water balance and chemical levels in the blood?


  4. HypothalamusProduces a hormone that stimulates the production of T-cells


  5. The lacrimal glandsWhat gland produces tears?


  6. AdrenalProduces insulin, which enables glucose to enter the cells


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