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  1. bask
  2. defect
  3. forthright
  4. finesse
  5. ostracize
  1. a (n.) An imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind; (v.) to desert a cause or organization
  2. b (adj.) frank, direct, straightforward
  3. c (v.) to be in, or expose oneself to, pleasant warmth; to take pleasure in or derive enjoyment from
  4. d (v.) To exclude from a group, banish, send away
  5. e (n.) Delicate skill; tact and cleverness; (v.) to accomplish something by cleverness, good judgment, or skillful evasion

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  1. (adj.) Able to hold, keep, or recall; retaining knowledge easily
  2. (adj., part.) embarrassed, ashamed, or nonplussed
  3. (n.) an effect or consequence of some action or event, result; an echo or reverberation
  4. (adj.) Withdrawn, standing apart from others (usually as a matter of choice)
  5. (v.) To make over in good form; to restore to good condition or to a former position

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  1. instill(v.) to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in


  2. genial(adj.) Cordial, pleasantly cheerful or warm


  3. articulate(adj.) Bold, determined; firm


  4. scapegoat(adj.) Withdrawn, standing apart from others (usually as a matter of choice)


  5. resolute(adj.) Bold, determined; firm


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