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  1. hae
  2. nūllīus
  3. hanc
  4. illārum
  1. a masculine/feminine/neuter, genitive, singular
  2. b feminine, genitive, pluaral
  3. c feminine, nominative, plural
  4. d feminine, accusative, singular

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  1. masculine/feminine/neuter, dative/nominative, singular/plural
  2. masculine/feminine/neuter, dative/ablative, plural
  3. when demonstratives modify nouns, they function as adjectives; since they are by nature emphatic, they regularly precede the nouns they modify
  4. when used alone, demonstratives function as pronouns and can commonly be translated as this man, that woman, these things, and the like, according to their gender, number, and context
  5. masculine/neuter, accusative, plural

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  1. nūllafeminine/neuter, nominative, singular/plural


  2. hāsfeminine, ablative, singular


  3. how can the presence of a noun be helpful in determining the form of a modifying demonstrative?ill come back to this later


  4. illōrummasculine/neuter, genitive, plural


  5. ūnāfeminine, ablative, singular


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