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  1. IgE mediated hypersensitivity
    An allergen interacts with IgE bound to mast cells
    Histamine released
    If its potent-sytemic reactions
  2. Type I- anaphylactic
    Type II- Cytotoxic
    Type III- immune complex-mediated
    Type IV- Delayed
    *Or immediate, delayed, anaphylactic, contact
  3. Hypersensitvity-Altered immune response to an antigen that causes harm to a person
    Allergy- Antigen is enviornmental or exogenous
    Allergen- what causes hypersensitivity reaction
  4. Sense of foreboding
    Light headed
    Itchy palms or scalp
    Angioedema of face, lips, tongue, feet, or genitals
    Laryngeal edema with impaired breathing
    Bronchial constriction
    Air hunger
    Barking cough
  5. Rh & Type
    Prior to transfusions
  6. Cytotoxic
    Immune system identifies a normal part of the body as foriegn
    Causes- hemolytic transfusion reactions, IgG or IgM to cell-bound antigen
    Types- Goodpastures, Pernicious anemia, myasthenia gravis, thrombocytopenia

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  1. Skin TestDetects hypersensitivity reactions
    *Puncture, intradermal, scratch, food allergy
    *Increased risk for anaphylactic response


  2. Altered Immune ResponseHyper-responsivenes (allergies, aunto-immune DO, Reaction to organ/tissue transplant)
    Impaired Immune Response (AIDS, HIV, Immunodeficieny DO)


  3. Tx of AnaphylaxisOz
    IV & IVFs
    Possible intubation


  4. Indirect Coombs TestDetects presense of circulation antibodies against RBC
    Normal to not have agglunation
    Part of cross & match
    (Blood & trasnfusion blood mixed-reaction??)


  5. AnaphylaxisOz
    IV & IVFs
    Possible intubation


  6. Type IVCell mediated, delayed hypersensitivity
    T-cells sensitized to prev antigen
    Sensitized t-cells initiate inflammatory response
    Damage to surrounding tissue
    *TB skin test, contact dermatitis, graft vs host, transplant rejection


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