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selling of church positions to highest bidder


corruption within the church, involving money


a person who holds religious beliefs in conflict with the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church


waving of a church rule, usually bought


disregard, "never occurred"


the act of banishing a member of the Church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the Church


list of books band by church, forbidden to read


religious court of catholic church


pardon sold by catholic church to reduce one's punishment in the afterlife

95 theses

luthers plan to reform church, nailed to church in wittenburg


catholic church's attempt to stop the protestant movement and to Strengthen the Catholic Church


referring to Christian religions that grew out of the Reformation


power hungry, educators, out to stop spread of protestants

Van Huss

bohemian priest, was a heretic, burned to death

John Calvin

believed in theocracy, heretic, starts Calvinism

John Wycliff

heretic, english man, wanted Church reform

St. Ignatius

of loyola, jesuit founder (soldiers of christ)

Henry the 8th

tudor, asked to have marriage annuled

Elizabeth I

virgin queen, part of tudor, part of angelican church

Anne Boleyn

mother of elizabeth, wife of Henry, lost head

John Knox

wanted to reform church, starts presbyterians

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