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  1. All of the following are peer statuses, EXCEPT:
  2. According to Dunn (2007) there are three important aspects to sibling relationships. Which of the following is not one of those points?
  3. Children's shows like Sesame Street are:
  4. Carol Gilligan has criticized Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development because:
  5. Which of the following countries has the highest percentage of single-parent families?
  1. a United States
  2. b it does not include a role for reasoning about relationships and concern for others.
  3. c conforming.
  4. d good at modeling prosocial behaviors for children.
  5. e the age differences that exist in the relationship

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  1. Children's consciences make them feel guilty about some of the initiatives that they take.
  2. disequilibrium immediately after the divorce, then restabilization 2 years later
  3. psychoanalytic
  4. improvement in the ability to interpret subtle social cues.
  5. authoritarian parent.

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  1. At what age do children have a solid understanding of false beliefs?4-5 years


  2. Females are often perceived as more emotionally expressive than males. This could be because females:are socialized to show their emotions more than males.


  3. Approximately __________ of gay men are parents.10%


  4. Which type of play is most common among 10- to 12-year-olds?maintaining attention to tasks.


  5. Which of these is TRUE of gender schema theory?This theory states how ideas of gender appropriateness are developed.


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