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  1. A police officer visits Laura's and Brett's class to discuss safety rules. To attract the children's attention, the officer brings colorful balloons and lots of jars of bubbles for the children to blow. Later, Laura tells her parents all about the balloons and bubbles but cannot remember any of the safety rules the officer presented. Laura obviously paid more attention to what was:
  2. Middle childhood is a period in which some control is transferred from parent to child. This process involves:
  3. Which parenting style leads to social incompetence in children?
  4. Research linking corporal punishment and child behavior has been associated with all of the following, EXCEPT:
  5. According to Maccoby (1998, 2002), gender is important in:
  1. a higher levels of moral internalization.
  2. b authoritarian
  3. c salient.
  4. d coregulation.
  5. e all of these.

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  1. use physical discipline
  2. United States
  3. dyscalculia
  4. authoritarian.
  5. reflect the cultures of some test takers more than others.

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  1. As children grow older, parents tend to spend:good at modeling prosocial behaviors for children.


  2. As Trey grows from early to middle childhood, the issues that he and his parents discuss and disagree about will begin to include:all of these.


  3. Cassandra is assertive and nurturant. She could be described as:androgynous.


  4. By the time a child graduates from high school, she/he will have spent approximately _________ hours in a classroom.ego support


  5. _________ practice focuses on the typical developmental patterns of children and the uniqueness of each child.authoritarian


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