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  1. Which of the following statements represents a criticism of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development?
  2. Erik Erikson's fourth stage of development, appearing during middle and late childhood, is called:
  3. Two identical glasses are filled to the same level with juice. A child then watches as the juice from one glass is poured into a taller, thinner glass. A child who is capable of concrete operational thought might say:
  4. The ability to think about something in novel and unusual ways and to come up with unique solutions to problems is called:
  5. Ten-year-old Julio cannot get his science project to work. In fact, it seems to him that nothing he makes ever works properly. According to Erik Erikson, Julio is at risk for developing a sense of:
  1. a inferiority.
  2. b industry versus inferiority.
  3. c It is not what one thinks, but what one does that is most important for morality.
  4. d "It's still the same amount of juice—you can tell by just pouring it back."
  5. e creativity.

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  1. self-concept
  2. artistic skills.
  3. nerve cells become insulated with a layer of fat.
  4. Some cognitive abilities emerge earlier than Piaget thought.
  5. Jerome—heteronomous morality; Hani—autonomous morality

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  1. Your best friend sideswipes a car and drives away without reporting the accident. You do not report it either, even though you worry about the owner's loss, but over the next few days, you do talk to your friend about it. Your actions suggest that you are in which of Kohlberg's moral reasoning stages?individualism, instrumental purpose, and exchange


  2. Colin does not earn high grades on standardized tests but has a black belt in martial arts. According to Gardner, Colin has _______ skills.spatial


  3. A young child might be heard saying, "That tree pushed the leaf off and it fell down." The child's belief that the tree is capable of action is referred to as:animism.


  4. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 usually prefer to play in groups that are made up of:heterosexual.


  5. Which of the following is an example of bilingual education in a U.S. school?Maria's first language is Spanish, so she has a teacher who speaks Spanish during some of her classes until Maria can learn more English.


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