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  1. Paul has an IQ of 68. He lives in his own apartment and supports himself with a job. He has many friends, goes bowling, and eats out frequently. He has no difficulty adapting to everyday life. According to the definition of mental retardation, Paul is:
    A. organically retarded.
  2. Currently, researchers are considering all of the following as possible causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), EXCEPT:
  3. Which of the following describes what Lev Vygotsky believed about the development of thought and language?
  4. In general terms, the preschool child's understanding of self is:
  5. A parent who is very uninvolved in a child's life, showing neither responsiveness nor control, is a(n):
  1. a concrete.
  2. b Thought and language develop independently at first and merge later in development.
  3. c neglectful parent.
  4. d child abuse.
  5. e mildly retarded.

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  1. intelligence consists of a number of specific abilities.
  2. the cerebral cortex
  3. individualism, instrumental purpose, and exchange
  4. cognitive stages are the underpinnings of morality.
  5. universal ethical principles.

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  1. Research has found that between 70 and 80% of victims of bullying are victimized by:moral reasoning of children.


  2. Which of the following is an example of bilingual education in a U.S. school?Maria's first language is Spanish, so she has a teacher who speaks Spanish during some of her classes until Maria can learn more English.


  3. Researchers believe that after the age of 6 or 7 years, children become more reflective and less impulsive in their thinking, because they learn to pay less attention to what is _______ and more attention to what is ______.salient; relevant


  4. The correlation between self-esteem and school performance is:moderate.


  5. Females are often perceived as more emotionally expressive than males. This could be because females:it allows children to relieve and master tension and anxiety.


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