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  1. Which of these is TRUE of gender schema theory?
  2. If you were to ask a 6-year-old child to give you another word for "fair," which of the following responses would you be most likely to get?
  3. Approximately __________ of gay men are parents.
  4. Which of the following best describes the relation between centration and conservation?
  5. All of the following are effective ways to improve relationships among ethnically diverse students, EXCEPT:
  1. a segregating the classroom into groups.
  2. b equal
  3. c 10%
  4. d This theory states how ideas of gender appropriateness are developed.
  5. e Lack of conservation is reflected in centration.

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  1. Elaboration
  2. authoritative parent.
  3. The status of females in relation to males is different in different ethnic groups.
  4. increase the speed of information traveling through the nerve cells.
  5. United States

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  1. Tatia wants to know how good a tennis player she is. To determine this, she should play with:the captain of the tennis team.


  2. Which of the following is an example of improving a child's self-esteem through achievement?letting a child cope with a problem without assistance


  3. A young child might be heard saying, "That tree pushed the leaf off and it fell down." The child's belief that the tree is capable of action is referred to as:immanent justice.


  4. How would an 8-year-old child most likely describe herself?they are emotionally supported for their efforts.


  5. Why do more and more researchers think that birth-order influences on child development have been emphasized too strongly?information-processing approach to cognition


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