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  1. To understand how a family tree showing relationships among relatives works, children must be able to use the skill of:
  2. Julio understands that although he is older than his brother, he is younger than his sister. This is because Julio understands:
  3. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 usually prefer to play in groups that are made up of:
  4. Blanca is a "bully," and no one likes to play with her. Blanca's sociometric status is probably:
  5. Project __________ is a program designed to attend to the unique educational needs of children from birth through three years of age.
  1. a the same sex.
  2. b seriation.
  3. c classification.
  4. d Early Head Start
  5. e rejected.

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  1. higher levels of moral internalization.
  2. information-processing approach to cognition
  3. heterosexual.
  4. being hit, slapped, or pushed
  5. 15 to 30 seconds.

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  1. Penelope has low self-esteem and is unhappy. She appears to be anxious around her peers and has few friends. Her teacher asks her why she sat by herself at lunch. Penelope states that the other kids would not want her to join them, because she is ugly and dumb. It is most likely that she grew up in a home with parents who were:androgynous.


  2. The memories of young children:can be compromised by suggestions.


  3. To investigate the nature of moral thought, Lawrence Kohlberg presented children with a story in which a character named Heinz faces a moral dilemma: the only way to save his mother's life is to steal an experimental drug he cannot buy. When Ellie is read the story and asked whether Heinz should have stolen the drug, she states, "No, it is against the law to steal. The husband should find another way to get the drug." Ellie is in the _______ stage of moral development.individualism, instrumental purpose, and exchange


  4. Which public service announcement would be most beneficial in preventing cultural-familial retardation?Give your children an enriched environment.


  5. Which type of classrooms has been found in research to enhance advanced writing skills, and improve self-regulatory and cognitive control skills in at-risk preschool children?Montessori classrooms


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