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  1. hon wo nakushimashita
  2. hokenshitsu ni itte mo ii desu ka
  3. enpitsu wo kezutte mo ii desu ka
  4. moo ichi do
  5. kesseki
  1. a absent
  2. b I lost my book
  3. c one more time
  4. d may I sharpen my pencil
  5. e may I go to the nurse

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  1. excuse me!
  2. can I get some water?
  3. speak slowly, please
  4. in Japanese!
  5. may I borrow a piece of paper?

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  1. sutampu kudasaistamp my paper, please!


  2. eigo dein English


  3. otearai ni itte mo ii desukamay I go to the bathroom?


  4. tsukaremashitaI am tired


  5. dekimashitaI am done!


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