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  1. First -what types of theatre are there?
  2. Keith Davis
  3. western theater started with....
  4. Our country's good
  5. Theatre needs
  1. a Professional, for-profit (like Broadway, Off-Broadway, touring companies, cruise theatre...meant to make money)
    Professional not-for-profit (what UD has)...most major cities have one
    Like the library, doesn't exist to make money, exists for the public good. The goal is to make enough money to operate
    Educational Theatre (High school, college productions)
    Community Theatres (put on for fun to entertain community, neighbors)
    Amateur in the church or your house
    Theme parks
  2. b writer, actor, and director, AUDIENCE to create.
  3. c Assistant Technical Director on the SANDBOX and not the kitty litter
  4. d the greeks
  5. e 1788 first fleet to Australia

    2 reasons to go a. punishment for crime and b. colonization after losing the Americas
    Debate between both and skills vs. punishment

    Based on the novel THE PLAYMAKER

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  1. resident actors whose job is to appear in series of plays and teaches one undergrad course open to students
  2. THE TEMPEST, lion king, spider man, turn of the dark
  3. Researches the way of the world when written
    Research the life of the author
    Research the other works of author
    Anecdotal information
    Pieces of interest
    Textual research
  4. puppets, masks, sounds..."theater uses all the arts"sound-music, sculpture, painting, architecture, writing, textured art, etc.)
  5. was around $9000.00

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  1. Biggest expense in theatre is labor or human beingsthe greeks


  2. Joe Hanreddycharged with running and financing the productions from the gov't...chose didaskolos


  3. penal colonyname of the person who assisted the writer in early Greek theatre by giving instructions to the actors


  4. Artistic Director Responsibilities1. Picks play 2. Picks designers/director 3. Picks actors for roles


  5. Didaskolosname of the person who assisted the writer in early Greek theatre by giving instructions to the actors


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