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  1. Sandy Robbins
  2. Artistic Director Responsibilities
  3. Joe Hanreddy
  4. penal colony
  5. Julie Taymor directed
  1. a Chair of Theatre Department, Artistic Director of REP, Director of Training of PTTP
  2. b Director of OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD, by Timberlake Wertenbaker
  3. c started around the Bloody Act with many horrific punishments
    London was a dicey town dusk to dawn act that caused quite a stir was the hanging of a 7 and 11 year old,
  4. d 1. Picks play 2. Picks designers/director 3. Picks actors for roles
  5. e THE TEMPEST, lion king, spider man, turn of the dark

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  1. puppets, masks, sounds..."theater uses all the arts"sound-music, sculpture, painting, architecture, writing, textured art, etc.)
  2. 30 cubic yards of sand, 90,000 pounds, 8 inch depth
    11 people for 5 hours, 2 dump trucks, few hundred wheelbarrows
  3. Salaries of people involved
    Administrative costs
    Ushers, box office, etc.
  4. $0 to $69 million and counting.
  5. 1788 first fleet to Australia

    2 reasons to go a. punishment for crime and b. colonization after losing the Americas
    Debate between both and skills vs. punishment

    Based on the novel THE PLAYMAKER

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  1. Dr. Heinz-Uwe HausDirector of OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD, by Timberlake Wertenbaker


  2. Didaskolosname of the person who assisted the writer in early Greek theatre by giving instructions to the actors


  3. directors do...a collaborative art form


  4. Professional theatre company at UDresident actors whose job is to appear in series of plays and teaches one undergrad course open to students


  5. Theatre needswriter, actor, and director, AUDIENCE to create.


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