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  1. innocuous
  2. discard
  3. vociferous
  4. canard
  5. elysian
  1. a adj. heavenly or delightful
  2. b v. to throw out
  3. c n. a false report
  4. d adj. loud and vehement
  5. e adj. harmless

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  1. adj. talkative
  2. n. a feeling of weakness
  3. n. a territory or range of rule or control
  4. v. to prop up or support
  5. n. the circumstances in which something occurs

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  1. inscribev. to write, carve or engrave words or letters on or in a surface


  2. causticadj. inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank or character


  3. requisiteadj. needed; necessary


  4. labyrinthineadj. complicated; puzzling


  5. rambunctiousadj. very loud and disorderly


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