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  1. chauvinism
  2. homely
  3. shade
  4. bulwark
  5. elysian
  1. a n. a wall or embankment used for a defensive fortification; something serving as a defense or safeguard, oft. figurative
  2. b n. unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex
  3. c adj. unattractive, plain looking
  4. d adj. heavenly or delightful
  5. e n. a small variation, a nuance; a small amount

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  1. v. to predict
  2. n. the circumstances in which something occurs
  3. n. fear of confined spaces
  4. v. to prop up or support
  5. adj. inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank or character

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  1. agrarianadj. extremely harsh and severe


  2. piquantv. to lessen the concentration, force or purityof by adding something


  3. recurv. to repeat; to occur again


  4. causticadj. capable of burning or corroding by chemical action; bitingly sarcastic, cutting


  5. charyn. a fragment of a brittle substance, e.g., glass or pottery; a small piece of something


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