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  1. elysian
  2. prognosticate
  3. chauvinism
  4. palpable
  5. embed
  1. a adj. capable of being handled, touched , or felt; easily perceived
  2. b n. unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex
  3. c v. to predict
  4. d adj. heavenly or delightful
  5. e v. to fix in a surrounding mass

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  1. n. the circumstances in which something occurs
  2. adj. extremely harsh and severe
  3. n. future generations
  4. n. an artful or secret plot or scheme
  5. adj. related to farming

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  1. vociferousn. future generations


  2. voguen. prevailing fashion


  3. rambunctiousadj. very loud and disorderly


  4. leeryadj. very cautious


  5. inscribeadj. complicated; puzzling


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