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  1. assess
  2. sec, sect
  3. propagate
  4. scrib, script
  5. rudimentary
  1. a to reproduce; to cause to reproduce; to foster the spread of
  2. b to analyze and determine the nature, value, or importance of
  3. c not yet fully developed; elementary
  4. d write
  5. e cut

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  1. fitting the occasion; suitable or apt
  2. to admit to be true; often reluctantly
  3. someone who proposes or supports an idea; an advocate
  4. to make known; disclose; to bestow
  5. sun

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  1. avertime


  2. sojourna visit or a temporary stay; to stay for a while


  3. dogmaan unproven principle or belief held to be true


  4. vociferousmaking one's feelings known in a loud way


  5. embodytime


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