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  1. The term meatus refers to an opening or tunnel through any part of the body.
  2. mature sperm or ovum
  3. The sexual union of two people is called introitus
  4. muscular tube
  5. What does the ovulatory phase begin with?
  1. a True
  2. b False
  3. c rupture of the graafian follicle
  4. d gamete
  5. e Vagina

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  1. True
  2. Breast cancer
  3. False
  4. PAP smear
  5. False

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  1. What are the female external genitalia collectively referred to as?vulva


  2. vaginal erectile tissueclitoris


  3. Select the term that best describes uterine tissue in an abnormal location.menorrhagia


  4. wombVagina


  5. Studies now indicate that there is no relationship between the human papilloma virus (HPV) and cervical cancer.False


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