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  1. cervical cancer test
  2. Select the term that means menopause.
  3. The birth control patch continuously delivers hormones through the skin and into the bloodstream for a full month to prevent pregnancy, and only has to be changed monthly.
  4. Select the term that best describes abnormally long or very heavy menstrual flow.
  5. The vagina contains rugae, as does the stomach
  1. a climacteric
  2. b PAP smear
  3. c False
  4. d menorrhagia
  5. e True

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  1. amenorrhea
  2. Montgomery's glands
  3. True
  4. Breast cancer
  5. tubal ligation

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  1. What does the ovulatory phase begin with?rupture of the graafian follicle


  2. Another name for pelvic inflammatory disease is:True


  3. The sexual union of two people is called introitusFalse


  4. female reproductive cycleclitoris


  5. mature sperm or ovumVagina


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