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  1. dessert
  2. coarse
  3. creek
  4. desert
  5. council
  1. a adjective: rough or crude
  2. b noun: a stream
  3. c verb: to abandon
  4. d noun: a group that advises
  5. e noun: a food served at the end of a meal

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  1. noun: a path, a series of studies or a class
  2. verb: pick out, select
  3. noun: an expression of admiration or praise
  4. verb: to give up for a price
  5. noun: a sign (usually visible) that represents or stands for another thing or idea (often invisible)

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  1. choseverb: selected, past tense of choose


  2. sentverb: transmitted or conveyed, past tense of send


  3. creaknoun: a squeaking sound
    verb: to make a squeaking sound


  4. scentnoun: 1/100 of a dollar, a penny


  5. cellverb: to give up for a price


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