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  1. In defending a lawsuit based on statements of opinion a defendant may win the case
  2. Common Law Defenses
  3. Punitive Damages
  4. Presumed Damages
  5. True or False? As a result of the supreme court's anonymous ruling in Flynt v. Fallwell, public officials and public figures cannot ever recover form mass media defendants for "intentional infliction of emotional distress"
  1. a Designed to punish defendants for misconduct
  2. b 1. Truth
    2. Privileged Communication
    3.Neutral Reportage
    4. Fair Comment
    5. Consent
    6. Right of Reply
  3. c General Damages
  4. d False
  5. e 1. by arguing that the statements are rhetorical hyperbole
    2. by arguing that the statements are protected by the first amendment
    3. by arguing that the statements are fair comment and criticism

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  1. 1.Publication of story urgent?
    2.How reliable was the source of the story
    3. Story had a large chance of happening?
  2. The use of a person's name or likeness in an advertisement for a magazine or a newspaper or v program is usually not regarded as an appropriation
  3. Must prove actual malice. Any person who is elected to public office qualifies as public official
  4. Failure to exercise reasonable care
  5. A civil Wrong for which a court can offer a remedy . usually (money)

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  1. Actual DamagesCompensatory damages for actual injury


  2. True or False? A court trial is one government proceeding excluded from the application of qualified privilegeFalse


  3. Negligenceguilty knowledge


  4. Libel Per SeBecause of Circumstance


  5. Special DamagesCompensatory damages for actual injury


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