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  1. Four Privacy Torts
  2. Overbreadth Doctrine
  3. Example of Transformative use
  4. Does Utah have a criminal libel law?
  5. Some courts refuse to recognize the tort of publication of private facts. Why?
  1. a That right to publicity can be transformed from dead people to their companies or families - Rosa Parks song by OutKast
  2. b If it bars more speech than necessary
  3. c Yes
  4. d Because of the difficulty in determining what is private and what isn't.
  5. e 1. appropriation
    2. Intrusion
    3. publication of private facts
    4. putting someone in false light

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  1. Compensatory damages for actual injury
  2. False
  3. Because of Circumstance
  4. A civil Wrong for which a court can offer a remedy . usually (money)
  5. Reckless disregard for the truth and stating something false as fact

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  1. one of the "Emanations and Penumbras" in the constitution where the justices have found privacy rightsFalse


  2. Special DamagesCompensatory damages for actual injury


  3. True or False? As a result of the supreme court's anonymous ruling in Flynt v. Fallwell, public officials and public figures cannot ever recover form mass media defendants for "intentional infliction of emotional distress"True


  4. In defending a lawsuit based on statements of opinion a defendant may win the case1. by arguing that the statements are rhetorical hyperbole
    2. by arguing that the statements are protected by the first amendment
    3. by arguing that the statements are fair comment and criticism


  5. Public FigureMust prove actual malice. A person who has done something to influence public opinion on a particular issue


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