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  1. depakene
  2. ACHE?
  3. ativan
  4. tardive dyskinesia
  5. phenobarbital sodium
  1. a luminal sodium
  2. b what metabolizes ACH?
  3. c name the valproic acids trade name?
  4. d involuntary movement of the lips, and can derive from prolonged use of amantadine is?
  5. e lorazepam

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  1. antabuse
  2. depression cause by external factors is known as?
  3. seroquel
  4. what should be used in the case of a cholinergic drug overdose?
  5. dantrolene

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  1. ear painlorazepam


  2. OLIGURIAblurry, flashing aura of light is known as?


  3. misc. anti psychoticseroquel is what drug category


  4. compazineprochlorperazine


  5. symmetrel/amantadinethis drug may produce livido reticularis


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