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  1. CCB
  2. REM and NREM
  3. effexor
  4. Thorazine
  5. minor eye irritation
  1. a chlorpromazine's trade name is?
  2. b what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  3. c what are the 2 types of sleep?
  4. d vasocon A is indicated for?
  5. e venlafaxine is also known as?

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  1. luminal sodium
  2. cogentin is used for what disease?
  3. this drug may produce livido reticularis
  4. dantrolene
  5. involuntary movement of the lips, and can derive from prolonged use of amantadine is?

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  1. 4000mgwhat is the max dose of tylenol?


  2. lithium carbonatelithobid, eskalith


  3. migrainenupercainal


  4. depakotename the divalproex sodiums trade name ?


  5. EEGwhat drug class is VERAPAMIL in?


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