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  1. dantrium
  2. msc. anti psychotic
  3. depakene
  4. depakote
  5. take on empty stomach
  1. a bethanechol PT info is?
  2. b name the valproic acids trade name?
  3. c what drug is used for malignant hyperthermia?
  4. d name the divalproex sodiums trade name ?
  5. e seroquel is what drug category

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  1. depression cause by external factors is known as?
  2. narcotics have what effect on cardiac system?
  3. blurry, flashing aura of light is known as?
  4. series of grand mal seizers without cessation is known as?
  5. prochlorperazine

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  1. quetiapine fumarateseroquel


  2. propranololwhich beta blocker is indicated for migraine prophylaxis?


  3. muscle contractionzoloft generic name?


  4. 4000mgwhat is an important diagnostic tool for status epilepticus?


  5. depressionvenlafaxine is used for what?


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