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mid-term review (pharmacy) Test

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  1. migraine
  2. dantrium
  3. dicyclomine
  4. dibucaine
  5. disulfiram
  1. a dantrolene
  2. b nupercainal
  3. c bentyl
  4. d blurry, flashing aura of light is known as?
  5. e antabuse

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. what drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?
  2. surgery is performed in what stage?
  3. venlafaxine is also known as?
  4. terazosin
  5. drooping of the eyes is known as?

5 True/False Questions

  1. depakenename the valproic acids trade name?


  2. take on empty stomachbethanechol PT info is?


  3. dantriumdigestion occurs in the pans? Tor F


  4. butalbital, asprin, caffeineFIORINAL generic name is?


  5. antazolinevasacon A


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