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  1. 3200mg
  2. msc. anti psychotic
  3. status epilepticus
  4. depression
  5. pyridostigmine/mestinon
  1. a series of grand mal seizers without cessation is known as?
  2. b what is the max does of motrin?
  3. c seroquel is what drug category
  4. d venlafaxine is used for what?
  5. e myasthenia gravis is an indication for which drug?

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  1. narcotics have what effect on cardiac system?
  2. bentyl
  3. exertional angina is also known as?
  4. flexeril
  5. increased intraoccular pressure is known as?

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  1. take on empty stomachbethanechol PT info is?


  2. Truedigestion occurs in the pans? Tor F


  3. propranololwhich beta blocker is indicated for migraine prophylaxis?


  4. lanoxin/digoxinvasacon A


  5. antazolinevasacon A


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