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  1. CCB
  2. 4000mg
  3. lanoxin/digoxin
  4. myasthenia gravis
  5. disulfiram
  1. a what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  2. b drooping of the eyes is known as?
  3. c antabuse
  4. d cinchonism is a side effect of which drug?
  5. e what is the max dose of tylenol?

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  1. blurry, flashing aura of light is known as?
  2. CITALOPRAM trade name is?
  3. what metabolizes the ACH when it is outside of trhe nerve ending?
  4. cogentin is used for what disease?
  5. FIORINAL generic name is?

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  1. depressionauralgan is indicated for?


  2. dantriumwhat drug is used for malignant hyperthermia?


  3. status epilepticusseries of grand mal seizers without cessation is known as?


  4. take on empty stomachbethanechol PT info is?


  5. atropine, 2 pam chloridewhat drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?


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