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  1. ACH, DA
  2. REM and NREM
  3. antazoline
  4. msc. anti psychotic
  1. a the basal ganglia maintaines what 2 neurotransmitters?
  2. b decreased urine production is known as?
  3. c what are the 2 types of sleep?
  4. d vasacon A
  5. e seroquel is what drug category

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  1. what metabolizes the ACH when it is outside of trhe nerve ending?
  2. terazosin is indicated for?
  3. cinchonism is a side effect of which drug?
  4. bethanechol PT info is?
  5. CITALOPRAM trade name is?

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  1. stable anginaexertional angina is also known as?


  2. exogeniouswhat are synthetic forms of opium?


  3. tardive dyskinesiaexertional angina is also known as?


  4. depakotename the valproic acids trade name?


  5. disulfiramantabuse


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