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  1. stable angina
  2. pyridostigmine/mestinon
  3. hytrin
  4. opioids
  5. 2 pam chloride
  1. a what are synthetic forms of opium?
  2. b terazosin
  3. c what drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?
  4. d exertional angina is also known as?
  5. e myasthenia gravis is an indication for which drug?

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  1. cinchonism is a side effect of which drug?
  2. prochlorperazine
  3. decreased urine production is known as?
  4. zoloft generic name?
  5. antabuse

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  1. effexorwhat is an important diagnostic tool for status epilepticus?


  2. Norepinephrinewhat neaurotransmitter increases heart rate?


  3. olazapineblurry, flashing aura of light is known as?


  4. muscle contractionzoloft generic name?


  5. limbic systememotional and behavioral responses is controlled by?


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